• Michael & The Continentals (8)
    1962 - Michael & The Continentals

    Michael & The Continentals (8) (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Michael Zarzana (Lead)

    Dennis Muro (First Tenor)

    Joey Noto (Second Tenor)

    Mark Weiner (Baritone)

    Billy Schlanger (Bass)


    Discography :

    1967 - Little School Girl / Rain In My Eyes (Audio Fidelity 139)


    Biography :

    Michael and the Continentals were from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and consisted of Michael Zarzana (lead), Dennis Muro (first tenor), Joey Noto (second tenor), Mark Weiner (baritone) and Billy Schlanger (bass).  Originally, Tony Battiglia was the 2nd tenor but Michael asked Joey Noto to take his place.  All were from Sheepshead Bay and started singing in the early 1960 on the street corners of Brooklyn or any other practice venue the groups could find. They eventually form  "Michael & the Continentals" & sang professionally for 10 years.  The group makes several recordings but nothing comes out. They have to wait until the mid-60s to finally see the release of a single : "Little School Girl" b/w "Rain In My Eyes". There are many unreleased doowop cuts by the Continentals, produced by Barney Zarzana of the Bay Bops.


    Songs :

    Little School Girl / Rain In My Eyes


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  • The Buttons (2)
    Paul & Paula (left) with Connie Burns & Sandra Matthews (The Buttons) and Hugh Jarrett (The Jordanaires).

    The Buttons (2) (Nashville, TN)


    Personnel :

    Sandra Lucille Matthews

    Connie Burns


    Discography :

    1962 - Shimmy Shimmy Watusi / Pretty Li'l Lovelights (Columbia 42618)
    1963 - Popeye Does The Mashed Potatoes / My Photograph Book (Columbia 42700)
    1963 - Foot Stompin' U.S.A./ Walk Away Girl (Columbia 42834)

    The Buttons (2)    The Buttons (2)


    Biography :

    Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee in 1949, Sandra Matthews started her singing career in 1962, at the tender age of 12, with an R&B group called The Buttons, which further consisted of Connie Burns. Purportedly named by Jimi Hendrix, who nicknamed a young Sandra “Button” during he and Billy Cox’s stay in Nashville in 1962. Together the Buttons recorded a few songs for the Columbia label, including ‘Shimmy Shimmy Watusi’, ‘Pretty li’l lovelights’ . Although still very young, Sandra Matthews was close to making a big break, since all recordings were produced by legend to be Carl Davis, who was just starting out at the time but would hit it big with acts like Major Lance, Jackie Wilson, The Chi-Lites and Young Holt Unlimited not long after.

    The Buttons (2)    The Buttons (2)

    Connie and Sandra were obviously talented. Both get writing credits on the first two songs, while Ronnie Wilkins is credited on the last. Again a sign of the Buttons’ proximity to stardom, because it was Wilkins who wrote chartbusters such as ‘Son of a preacherman‘ and  ‘Love of the common people.’ The latter was sung by a great many artists, with various results, but seriously dominated the European charts in a reggae version: the one Joe Gibbs recorded with Nicky Thomas in 1970. Sandra Matthews later changed her stage name to Reggae singer Dhaima.


    Songs :

       Pretty Li'l Lovelights                      Shimmy Shimmy Watusi

    Popeye Does The Mashed Potatoes               My Photograph Book           

         Walk Away Girl                          Foot Stompin' U.S.A.


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  • The Travelers (3)
    (L to R) Bruce Diskin, Richie Solari, Sal Tepedino and Bernie Rosner

    The Travelers (3) (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Bernie Rosner  (Lead)

    Sal Tepedino

    Bruce Diskin

    Richie Solari


    Discography :

    1960 - June, July, August (& September) / What A Weekend (ABC Paramount 10119)
    1961 - Cadwaller 00002 / Ivy On The Old School Wall (Decca 31215)
    1961 - White Rose / (Love Me) Oh My Love (Decca 31282)


    Biography :

    The Travelers were a group out of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY. The group members were Bernie Rosner, Sal Tepedino, Bruce Diskin and Richie Solari. They were together for about three years in the early ' 60s.  The Travelers cut three singles between 1960 & 1961. The first for ABC in 1960 with "June, July, August And September" b/w "What A Weekend".

    The Travelers (3)    The Travelers (3)

       In 1961, The Travelers signed with Decca Records and cut two singles, "Cadwaller 00002" b/w "Ivy On The Old School Wall" and "White Rose" b/w "Oh My Love". In 1964, Sal Tepedino joined a reshuffled Concords fronted by Mike Lewis with Teddy Grable (ex Star-Drifts) and Bobby Ganz. A contract with Epic Records led to the release of "Should I Cry" b/w " It's Our Wedding Day". A remake of the Quintones' "Down The Aisle Of Love" was the final Concords single in 1966.


    Songs :

    White Rose            June, July, August And September         What A Weekend

    Ivy On The Old School Wall        Oh My Love                    Cadwaller 00002


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  • The Tifanos

    The Tifanos (Tifton, Ga)


    Personnel :

    Freddie Simmons


    Songs :
    1960 - It's Raining / Louisiana (Tifco 822)
    Unreleased :
    1960 - The White Cliffs Of Dover (Tifco)


    Biography :

    The Tifanos were local recording artists from the Tifton, Ga area. They recorded 5 songs for Tifco records. The early title was "Drip Drop" changed to "It's Raining". The single was released in 1960 during that time the Payola scandal, which was why it never took off back then without the help of Payola payments to the disc jockeys.

      The Tifanos

    Tifco records, a Label owned by James Newton & Gus Statiras, out of Tifton, GA. The label was started as a source for material for larger labels. The only one that ended up going to a larger label was the "Johnny Jenkins & the Pine-Toppers" which included Otis Redding as a band member. Atlantic picked it up (with a short in between label by the Atlantic guy that purchased the songs for Atlantic). The label included several styles of music, R&B, Blues, Teen, Girl Groups, Country, Pop.(

    updated by Hans-Joachim


    Songs :

    It's Raining                                             Louisiana


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  • Juanita Rogers & The Five Joys (Chicago, Il)
    (by Hans-Joachim)  



    Juanita Rogers (Lead)

    Lynn Hollings (Narrator)

    4 unidentified males


    Discography :

    Single :
    Juanita Rogers And Lynn Hollings (bb Mr. V's Five Joys) / Juanita Roger (bb Mr. V's Five Joys)
    1960 - Teenager's Letter Of Promises / I'm So Glad You Love Me (Pink Cloud 333)

    Juanita Rogers
    1959 - I'm So Glad You Love Me (studio rehearsal)



    Juanita Rogers was 15 years old, when she recorded “I’m So Glad You Love Me” b/w “Teenager’s Letter Of Promises” in 1959 in somebody’s living room. Lynn Hollings, the narrator on the A-side, was a jazz disc jockey in Chicago during the late 1950s and early 1960s.

    Juanita Rogers & The Five Joys   Juanita Rogers & The Five Joys
    Lynn Hollings                                                                                                                                    

    It is not known whether the Five Joys are the same as the “Five Jays” (male lead, female lead, three male backup singers) whose publicity photo is in Robert Pruter’s collection.

    Songs :

    I’m So Glad You Love Me / Teenager’s Letter Of Promises

    I’m So Glad You Love Me (rehearsal)


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