• The Continentals (2)
    Bill Davis

    The Continentals (2) (Bronx, New York)


    Personnel :

    James Gooden (Lead)

    Bill Davis (Tenor)

    Sidney Gray

    Demetrius Clease

    Tommy ...  (Baritone)


    Discography :

    1956 - Giddy Up And Ding Dong / You Are An Angel (Rama 190)


    Biography :

    After nine records to their credit and only one chart hit, the Crows decided to call it a day in early 1955. Bill Davis went to sing with the Continentals (also on Rama) for one and only single, "You're an Angel" b/w "Giddy Up And Ding Dong" released in January 1956. The others in the Continentals were lead James Gooden, Demetrius Clare, Sidney Gray, and a baritone named Tommy. In 1963 Bill Davis missed a chance to join the Flamingos; instead he chose to stay with a group called the Honeycoles, whose sides for Columbia were never released.


    Songs :

         You Are An Angel                          Giddy Up And Ding Dong


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