The Marvels (1) (Harlem, New York)

    ref  The Dubs
    ref  The Five Wings (1)
    ref  The Scale-Tones

     Personnel :

    Richard Blandon (Lead)

    Billy Carlisle (Second Tenor)

    Cleveland Still (First Tenor)

    James Miller (Baritone)

    Thomas Gardner (Bass)


    Discography :

    1956 - I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart / Jump Rock And Roll (ABC 9771) 

    Biography :

    The ABC Paramount Marvels formed in 1956 as an outgrowth  of the Five Wings and the Scale-Tones. They had Hiram Johnson as their manager (inherited from the Five Wings), and got a recording deal with ABC Paramount. They recorded one of the most beautiful ballads on wax, "I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart," for ABC.Because of inadequate support and promotion, the record did poorly.

                                                                                     (paste-up picture ) Carlisle, Blandon, Still & Miller

    This group would soon change their name to the Dubs and move to George Goldner's Gone Records. All but Carlisle came from the Scale-Tones. Tommy Grate, formerly from the Five Wings, replaced Tommy Gardner at bass. Mitch Rosalsky

    Songs :

         I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart                    Jump Rock & Roll                    



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