• (L to R) Joyce Jones, Faye Askew & Johnella Askew

    Jessie & The Sequins (3) (Chicago)

    Personnel :

    Jesse Blackful (Lead)

    Johnella Askew

    Faye Askew

    Joyce Jones

    Discography :

    Jessie & The Sequins (3)
    1959 - Hold My Hand / So Weak (Boxer 201 / Profile 4008)

    The Sequins (3)
    1959 - Lullaby of Birdland / Say Whoa (instrumental) (Boxer 203)

    Biography :

    Johnella Askew,  Faye Askew and Joyce Jones have been part of a group that called the Dreamers with Erma Lyons and Odessa Marshall. The Dreamers only performed in their schools talent shows & different other events.

    The Dreamers (L to R) Joyce Jones, Erma Lyons, Odessa Marshall & Faye Askew (Johnella not on the picture)

    It wasn't until 1958 that Johnella Askew,  Faye Askew and Joyce Jones were approached by Jesse Jesse Blackful to form a group & they became Jessie & the Sequins.

    Jesse Blackful

    "Hold My Hand" b/w "So Weak", two songs that Jesse wrote,  were recorded in Chicago by Jesse Blackful & The Sequins in 1959  with the Lefty Bates Band. When they recorded the two songs , Johnella Askew was 16, Faye Askew 18, Joyce Jones 18 and jesse around 20. 

    Johnella Askew                                                              Faye Askew
    While they were in Chicago, Jessie & the Sequins appeared at the Regal theatre as the opening act for The Drifters, The Impressions and Big maybelle. The Sequins also recorded "Lullaby of Birdland " without  Jesse Blackful,  backed by the Lefty Bates Band in the same year & (Say Whoa) an instrumental on flip side .

    Songs :

    Jessie & The Sequins (3)

    Hold My Hand                                       So Weak

    The Sequins (3)

    Lullaby of Birdland




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