• The C-Notes (1) aka The Gentle -Tones

    The C-Notes (1) (Queens, New York)
    aka The Gentle -Tones



    Personnel :

    Andy Yaeger

    Paul Freitas

    Manny Rivera

    Tony Ortiz

    Jerry Pendegar



    Discography :

    The Gentle-Tones
    Unreleased :
    1958 - It Was Never Meant To be
    1958 - Darling
    1958 - Life Is But A Dream

    The C-Notes (1)
    1959 - Last Saturday Night / We Were Meant For Each Other (Arc 4447)



    Biography :

    In July 1958 five guys from the Astoria section of Queens, New York City named Andy Yaeger, Paul Freitas, Manny Rivera, Tony Ortiz, and Jerry Pendegar recorded three accapela sides as the Gentle Tones, ("It Was Never Meant To be", "Darling", and  "Life Is But A Dream").

    The C-Notes (1) aka The Gentle -Tones

    With their three demos, they will see several record company and finally Ed Danback and Joe DiMaggio (not the baseball player) heard the group, liked them and signed the group on their own label Arc Records based 12-16 Jefferson Avenue in Elizabeth (New Jersey).

    The C-Notes (1) aka The Gentle -Tones   The C-Notes (1) aka The Gentle -Tones

    The group recorded two sides  "Last Saturday Night "/ "We Were Meant For Each Other" who were released as The C-Notes. The C-Notes, are playing a host of TV hops performing their " Last Saturday Night" disk. They had a lot of talent but couldn't afford the Payola to play their songs on the air. 

    The C-Notes (1) aka The Gentle -Tones
    The C-notes with Murray Kauffman (WINS deejays) Top : Jerry & Manny - Bottom : Tony, Andy & Murray Kauffman

    It was a favorite doo wop song  in the surrounding area of Queens , NY. The C-Notes Cut only one single for the label and disbanded.


    Songs :

    The C-Notes (1)

              Last Saturday Night                 We Were Meant For Each Other

    The Gentle-Tones

            Darling                                      Life Is But A Dream


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