• The El Reys (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
    (By Hans-Joachim)



    Stush Bogdan (lead)

    Chuck Black

    Randy Riddle

    Time Eyermann

    Rick Jablonski

    Bill Marszalek



    1965 - Diamonds And Pearls / Rocket Of Love (Ideal 94706)
    1965 - Beverly / Angalie (Ideal 95388)



    In 1961, a group of young men from Bishop Canevin High School in Pittsburgh, PA came together to form a band which they named the “El Reys,” Spanish for “The Kings.” Originator and lead singer Stush Bogdan, along with Chuck Black, Randy Riddle, Time Eyermann, Rick Jablonski, and Bill Marszalek started out performing at their own high school dances.

    As their popularity grew, they went to perform at other schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages and talent shows.  As good fortune would have it, Augie Bernardo of Ideal Records was at one of these talent shows, liked what he heard and saw, and signed them to the label.  At this same show, the legendary Bo Diddley, who was performing at a nearby lounge, stopped in to enjoy the sounds, and invited the guys to hear his show.

    The El Reys went on to record four songs for Ideal Records: Angalie, Beverly, Diamonds And Pearls, and Rocket Of Love.The group also appeared on the Clark Race television program, and in 1964 they opened for the Rolling Stones at the famous West View Danceland. Unfortunately, service in the Vietnam War put an end to their brief career.


    Diamonds And Pearls                            Beverly

    Rocket Of Love

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