Lenny & The Rocks (Philadelphia, Pa.)

    Personnel :

    Lenny Rocco (lead)

    Barry Pouls (Bass)

    Freddy Faulkner (Falsetto)

    Bob Gardiner (Baritone)

    Ross Matico (Second Tenor)

    Discography :

    Sandy Powell bb The Rocks
    1960 - Bon Bon / Pistol Packin' Papa (Impala 211/Herald 557)

    Lenny Rocco bb The Rocks
    1961 - Sugar Girl / Rochelle (Delsey 301)

    Robin Hood & The Merri Men
    1964 - We Had A Quarrel / Maryann (Delsey 303)

    Biography :

    Before Lenny Rocco completed "Sugar Girl" and "Rochelle", he married his sweetheart, Sandy Pouls (aka Powell) . Sandy Powell was a fine singer and recorded two song in 1958. The vocal undercoating was generated by the Future Rocks. Freddy Faulkner, Barry Pouls (Sandy's brother), Ross Matico and Bob Gardiner backing Sandy's two sides "Bon Bon" b/w "Pistol Packin' Papa".

                                                                                                      Sandy Powell

    In late '58 or early 59', the same guys  recorded with Lenny "Sugar Girl" b/w "Rochelle ". The single was etched in 1961 on Delsey (Billboard  April 3. 1961). The Rocks were a constantly changing line-up and broke up. Rocco and Freddy Faulkner debuted sometime later as a duet. In 1963 Freddy Faulkner recorded as a solo artist for Swan Records the sides "Cigarettes & Matches / Little Driftin' Amy." He eventually surfaced with the Illusions . Barry Pouls ceded a somewhat promising peregrination with the original Premiers (Mink & Best).

    Barry Pouls, Bob Gardiner, Lenny Rocco, Ross Matico & Freddy Faulkner

    In 1960, Lenny Rocco sings with the Jolly Gents, a vocal and instrumental group, they toured two years all around the country .  They hobnobbed with the likes of lee andrew and the Hearts, len Barry, the Platter, Isley Brothers, Bobby Darin, Danny & The Juniors and Johnny Maestro & The Crest, and often backed these artist on instrumentals or vocals. Sadly, they never set foot in Studio. Fran Williamson ushered Lenny and the group (with some personnel change), dubbing themselves Robin Hood & The Merri Men into RecoArt Studios where they spliced two sides together "We Had A Quarrel" and "Maryann".

    Songs :

    Sandy Powell bb The Rocks

    Bon Bon                                    Pistol Packin' Papa


    Lenny Rocco bb The Rocks

    Sugar Girl / Rochelle

    Robin Hood & The Merri Men

    We Had A Quarrel / Maryann




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