• The Turbans (2) aka The Sharp Tones
    Harry "Little" Caesar

    The Turbans (1) (Oakland, CA)
    aka The Sharp Tones


    Personnel :

    Harry "Little" Caesar (Lead)

    Al Williams (First Tenor)

    Burl Carpenter Second Tenor)

    Willie Roland (Baritone)

    Andre Goodwin (Bass)

    Charles Fitzpatrick (Tenor)


    Discography :

    The Turbans (1)    
    1955 - No No Cherry / Tick Tock-A-Woo  (Money 209)    
    1955 - The Goose Is Gone (But The Nest Is Warm) / Tick Tock-A-Woo (Money 209)    
    1955 - When I Return / Emily (The Turks)   (Money 211)   

    The Sharp Tones
    1955 - Made To Love / Since I Fell For You (Post 2009)


    Biography :

    Record shop owner ("Dolphin's of Hollywood"), John Dolphin founded Money Records in 1954, after having sold his Recorded in Hollywood Records label masters.  In 1955, Money Records released "No, No Cherry" b/w "Tick Tock A-Woo" by The Turbans out of Los Angeles. These are not the same Turbans (from Philadelphia) who recorded for the Herald label ("When You Dance)", but a group from Oakland, California. The Turbans from Oakland were a sextet, led by Harry Caesar . Born Horace Caesar, 18 February 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pa. During his recording career Harry "Little" Caesar was based in Oakland, California. He sounded enough like Percy Mayfield that the Modern label withheld his 1951 session from release. He enjoyed one hit in 1952, "Goodby Baby".

    The Turbans (2) aka The Sharp Tones     The Turbans (2) aka The Sharp Tones
                                                                                                              Harry "Little" Caesar

    The other Turbans were Al Williams (1st tenor), Burl Carpenter (2nd tenor), Charles Fitzpatrick (tenor), Willie Roland (Baritone) and Andre Goodwin (Bass). The same year, also appears on Money "The Nest Is Warm (But The Goose Is Gone)" b/w "Tick Tock-A-Woo " same record number (Money 209) . The Group have a third single with "When I Return" coupled with Emily by The Turks on Money 211. The California Turbans had recorded  months before their East Coast namesakes However the group ended up changing their name to the Sharp Tones and recording for the Post label (a subsidiary of Imperial) "Made To Love" b/w "Since I Fell For You". Although Caesar is undoubtedly best known for his ‘story’ songs, he was recorded by his producers in a variety of different styles on different label (Modern, Dolphin, Downey). He recorded as Little Caesar before he made his acting debut in 1969 on an episode of Diahann Carroll's TV series JULIA, as Herb the Handy(man). He became known for his low, gravely voice and under-his-breath delivery.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Turbans (1)    

    When I Return                                 No No Cherry

             Tick Tock-A-Woo             The Goose Is Gone (But The Nest Is Warm)

    The Sharp Tones

    Made To Love / Since I Fell For You


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