• The Romeos (1) (Winston-Salem, NC)
    aka The Jumping Jacks (1)


    Eli Spillman (Tenor)

    James Little (Baritone)

    Frank Wilson (Baritone)

    Daniel McGill (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Jumping Jacks (1)

    Single :
    1953 - Do Let That Dream Come True / Why Oh Why (Lloyds 101)
    Unreleased :
    1953 - Julocka-Jolly (Lloyds)
    1953 - Long-Haired Raggedy Rascal (Lloyds)

    The Romeos (1)

    Single :
    1954 - I Beg You Please / Love Me (Apollo 461)
    Unreleased :
    1954 - Somebody's Been Plowing My Mule (Apollo)
    1954 - Oh Baby Oh  (Apollo)

    Biography :

    This Jumping Jacks group formed in North Carolina in 1942. They practiced for quite some time before making local appearances. More than ten years passed before they made a recording for the Apollo subsidiary label, Lloyds.


    It should also be noted that they were from the same neighborhood as the Five Royales. This group called themselves the Jumping Jacks because of their exuberance on stage. This was a very demonstrative and dramatic quartet. They recorded four songs in April 1953 but only two sides  were released.


    Unfortunately, neither of the two released songs did well and the group obviously felt that changing their name to the Romeos might change their luck.
    Mitch Rosalsky

    Songs :
     (By Hans-Joachim)

    The Romeos (1)

    I Beg You Please                    Love Me            Somebody's Been Plowing My Mule

    Oh Baby Oh

    The Jumping Jacks (1)

    Why Oh Why              Long-Haired Raggedy Rascal               Julocka Jolly

    Do Let That Dream Come True


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