The Kids From Texas (Denton, Texas)

    Personnel :

    Johnny Charles Odom

    Monroe Joiner

    Alfred Pennington

    Frankie Cole

    John Hugh Scherfz

    Gerald Ramsey

    Loy Odom

    Discography :

    1958 - Long Legged Linda / I'm So Lonely (Hanover 4500)


    Sanger's Kids From Texas stuck their thumb in the musical pudding and pulled out their first record release, now being pushed by disc jockeys in the region. The record's release date was delayed several weeks by the recording company, and more basic tapes have been submitted by the group for future release.


    Finally, the Kids from Texas signed with the New York city label Hanover Records owened by Len Levy and Bob Thiele who released the nice doo wop "I'm So Lonely" which was composed by a member of the group, Gerald Ramsey and the rock "Long Legged Linda ".

    The Kids From Texas are left to right, Johnny Charles Odom, Monroe Joiner, Alfred Pennington, Frankie Cole, John Hugh Scherfz, Gerald Ramsey  and Loy Odom.
    (The Denton Record - Chronicle - May 5, 1958)

    Songs :

     I'm So Lonely                                   Long Legged Linda



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