• The Chesterfields (2)

    The Chesterfields (2) (Bronx, NY.)


    Personnel :

    Al Reno "Al DiPaola" (Lead)

    Carl DiPrima

    John Colisante (First Tenor)

    Larry Stovell


    Discography :

    1958 - I Got Fired / Meet Me At The Candy Store (Cub 9008)


    Biography :

    Vocal group from the Bronx composed by Al Reno (real name Al DiPaola) backed by Carl DiPrima, John Colisante and Larry Stovell. Lou Cicchetti owned Cousins record store in the Bronx which was frequented by many local neighborhood groups. These groups wanted Lou to record the songs they were singing on the street corner and help propel them to stardom.

    The Chesterfields (2)    The Chesterfields (2)    The Chesterfields (2)

    Lou's faith in the material he was producing was so strong that almost every time he was ready to release a master, if he had difficulty placing it with a record label, he would release it on Cousins and soon a major label would eventually lease the product based on its local sales and strong teenager appeal.The Chesterfields recorded "I Got Fired" and "Meet Me At The Candy Store" and the record eventually sold to ”MGM Records” released by subsidiary Cub Records.

    Songs :

    Meet Me At The Candy Store                     I Got Fired                


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