• The Goldenaires (New Orleans, Louisiana)


    Personnel :

    Roy Picou (Lead / Second Tenor)

    Augie Wenzel (First Tenor)

    Henry Gabb (Baritone)

    Gene Ravin (Bass)

    Discography :

    1959 - All About You / My Only Girl (Ron 325)

    1960 - Love letters  / Ding Bats (Ron 332)

    Biography :

    Ric & Ron Records was founded late in 1958 by New Orleans music-biz veteran Joe Ruffino.

    Joe Ruffino

    Although most of Ric & Ron's releases did not rise above regional hits, the label was active during the golden era of New Orleans R&B and was an incubator for many artists who are now recognized as definers of the style.


    The Goldenaires consisted of Gene Ravin, Roy Picou, Augie Wenzel and Henry Gabb, they cut two singles for Ron Records and disbanded.

    Songs :

    All About You                                   Love letters

    My Only girl                                  Ding Bats

    Cds :

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