• The Possessions (Philadelphia)

    Personnel :

    Tony D. (First Tenor/lead)

    Vinny G. (Second Tenor/Lead)

    Joe C. (Second Tenor/Lead)

    Jim B (Baritone/Bass/Lead)

    Discography :

    1964 - Don't Let her Go (Britton)

    1964 - Hey There (Britton)
    1964 - No More Love / You and your lies (Britton 1003/Parkway 930)


    Biography :

    The original name of the group was "The Ramars" and also included Arnie as the bass.


    The name was changed to "Possessions" when They signed with Duru productions (Arnie had left bythen).
    Frank Fox of Vito & The Salutations was also with the Possessions on their Britton release of "No More Love".

    Joey and Jimmy are the only original Possesions still alive.

    Songs :

    No More Love                        You and your lies

    Cds :

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