• The Charmettes (2)

    The Charmettes (2) (Chicago)


    Personnel :



    Discography :

    1958 - School Letter /  Johnny Johnny (Federal 12345)


    Biography :

    These Charmettes who recorded for Federal Records have no connection with the other groups of the same name, "School Letter" and "Johnny Johnny" were recorded in Chicago but the members of this quintet are unknowns . It was obviously arranged and possibly produced by Sonny Thompson whose Big Star Pub. Co. (BMI) gets part-publishing credit along with Syd Nathan and Ralph Bass's Armo imprint, so Ralph Bass was at least nominally the producer, but it obviously pre-dates Nathan & Thompson's formal partnership through Son-Lo Music Pub. Co. (BMI) which was to make Thompson a formally anointed producer at King/Federal and a prolific producer in Chicago and Cincinnati. The other interesting thing about this one is the involvement of professional Chicago songwriter and group coach Bernice Williams, later to be involved with the Dukays and the Starlets and to have her big moment with "Duke Of Earl."

    Songs :

    School Letter                              Johnny Johnny


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