• Annette, Terry & Phyllis

    The Capri Sisters (Yonkers, NY)

    Personnel  :

    Phyllis DeCaprio

    Annette DeCaprio

    Terry DeCaprio

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1956 - After School Rock / The Occarina Rock (Jubilee 5244)
    1957 - Call Me Mutton Chops / Tippy-Toe (Cadence 1314)
    1958 - Hawaiian Sway - Introducing Honolulu / Run-A-Round (Dot 15851)
    1959 - In Between / It's All Over (Hanover 4531)
    1960 - I'm Gonna Wish For You / There, But For Her, Go I (ABC Paramount 10158)
    1961 - Poco Loco / The Blues Came Tumbling Down (Warwick 673)
    1962 - Fairy Tales / I Want You To Be My Boy (Newtown 5002)
    1962 - Is It True? / Hush-A-Bye (Newtown 5008)

    Unreleased :
    1960 - It's No Sin / So Hurt (ABC Paramount)

    Biography :

    In 1952, three sister, Terry, Phyllis and Annette stood before a microphone on Arthur Godfrey's "Talent Scout Show," and sang to an approving public. They won the contest, and as was Godfrey's custom, the girls, known as the Capri Sisters guested on Godfrey's radio and his then popular night-time program. "Arthur Godfrey and his Friends."


    Terry, Phyllis & Annette with Eddie Fisher

    It was then that the Yonkers born and reared, DiCaprio sisters met the McGuire Sisters and they became a part of the latter team's night club act. They toured with the Mc-Guires for four years and they traveled all over the United States. The girls began their careers when Terry was 8, and Phyllis and Annette, who are twins, were 5. They were on Ted Mack , and then the Godfrey show, the Lind Hayes show and other top notch TV programs


    The Girls have performed with the Dorseys, Jackie Gleason and Louis Prima and are three time winners on Ted Mack’s show. The Girls cut many singles for a large number of label; Jubilee, Cadence, Dot, Hanove, ABC Paramount, Warwick and Newtown. The first being " After School Rock" b/w "The Occarina Roll" on Jubilee.

    In 1962, Richard Barrett apparently produced a session for Harold B. Robinson with the Capri Sisters [Newtown 5002]. Sides included “Fairy Tales” which Richard Barrett had used earlier for other artists and would use again, and “I Want You To Be My Boy,” a cover of the Teenagers’ record.  Frankie Lymon's "I Want You To Be My Girl" - changed the title for obvious reasons - and fashioned it for the new "Twist" craze.


    1970 - Terry, Phyllis & Annette

    The great rock arranger Sammy Lowe provided the girls with a Ray Charles' "What'd I Say" type of moving accompaniment. In 1964, The Exciters ("Tell Him") covered the Capris' with their own version of "I Want You To Be My Boy".

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    There But For Her Go I            Fairy Tales               I Want You To Be My Boy

    After School Rock 'N Roll      I'm Gonna Wish For You             The Occarina Rock

    It's All Over / In Between         Hawaiian Sway - Introducing Honolulu / Run-A-Round

    Is It True? / Hush-A-Bye


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