• The Smoothies

    The Smoothies (New York)


    Personnel :

    John Phillips

    Scott Mckenzie

    Bill Cleary

    Michael Rand

    Discography :

    1960 - Softly / Joanie (Decca 31105)
    1960 - Lonely Boy And Pretty Girl / Ride,Ride,Ride (Decca 31159)

    Biography :

    George Washington High School, Alexandria, Virginia, Spring 1956 - Recent graduate Willard Scott is launching a career in television that will lead to his becoming America's most beloved weatherman; alumnus John Phillips is dabbling in jazz group-singing, a la The Four Freshman, which will lead to his becoming the founder and leader of The Mamas and The Papas;  and sophomore Michael Rand is forming Alexandria's first professional Rock & Roll band, The Spotlighters (At the height of their career, The Spotlighters were knocking down between sixty and eighty bucks per gig!).

    The Spotlighters

    Scott Mckenzie sang briefly with Tim Rose in a high school group called The Singing Strings.
    Michael Rand soon joined forces with John Phillips, Scott McKenzie, and Bill Cleary in a vocal group called The Smoothies.

    They had released two singles on the Decca label, appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand, and were working on an album when they disbanded at the end of 1960.


    It was the height of "the folk scare". Phillips and McKenzie, along with a startlingly talented five-string banjo picker named Dick Weissman, were enjoying modest success as The Journeymen, recording on Capitol Records.



    Songs :

              Softly                                     Lonely Boy And Pretty Girl







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