• The Rovers aka The Five Rovers

    The Rovers (Sacramento, Calif.)
    aka The Five Rovers


    Personnel :

    Oliver "Sunny" Stevenson (Lead)

    Jay Payton (Tenor)

    Hank Swarn (Baritone)

    Billy Ray Williams (Bass)

    Ralph Helms (High Tenor)


    Discography :

    The Rovers
    1954 - Ichi-Bon Tami Dachi / Why-Ohh (Music City 750/Capitol 3078) 

    1955 - Salute To Johnny Ace /Jadda (Music City All Stars) (Music City 780) 

    1955 - Whole Lot Of Love / Tell Me Darling (The Gaylarks) (Music City 792)

    The Five Rovers
    1956 - Down To The Sea / Change Your Mind  (Music City 798)


    Biography :

    The Rovers formed in 1954, and They recorded for Music City as both the rovers and The Five Rovers. Payton was about ten years older than the others.

    By the middle of 1954, they'd added high tenor Ralph Helms to the group. Another student at Grant Union, he was one of those guys who just hung around until one day you noticed he was part of the group. Most of the songs that the Rovers practiced were either by the Clovers or tunes that they'd written themselves. All the tunes that they ended up recording were original songs.

    "Ichi-Bon Tami Dachi" means number one girlfriends. Payton wrote the song based on his time in the service in Japan. Just after recording their one disc as the Rovers for Music city, it was leased out to Capitol records for greater distribution as sales began to increase.


    When their last disc for Music city was released, they were on their way to Breaking up.


    Songs :

    The  Rovers

    Ichi-Bon Tami Dachi                          Salute To Johnny Ace

    Whole Lot Of Love                            Why-Ohh

    The Five Rovers  

    Change Your Mind                                Down To The Sea






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