• The Dantes (1) (Carnegie,Pa.)


    Personnel :

    Bob Palombi (Lead)

    Rick Funaro (First Tenor)

    Danny Piaquadio (First Tenor)

    Pat Molinaro (Bass)


    Discography :

    1965 - How Many Times / Top Down Time (Rotate 850)


    Biography :

    The Dantes hailed from Carnegie, Pennsylvania, a suburban community west of Pittsburgh. Originally called the Itals (short for Italians) in 1958, this group of teenage friends consisted of Bob Palombi, Rick Funaro, Pat Molinaro  and Bob Oliastro.

    The Dantes (1)
    1959 - The Itals - Patsy Molinaro, Rick Funaro and Bob Palombi,

    Until high school graduation in 1960, the Itals had been performing at boys clubs, VFW's and similar places in the Carnegie vicinity. Once graduated Bob Oliastro  opted to leave the group. Shortly thereafter Rick Funaro and Bob Palombi enlisted in the army for three years.

    Pat Molinaro volunteered for his draft and spent two years with Uncle Sam. Molinaro completed his two year hitch in 1962, while Funaro and Palombi donned Civilian threads in 1963. Danny Piacquadio, Funaro's cousin joined the quartet at First Tenor.

    The Dantes (1)

    At this time Piaquadio resided in the Beechview section of Pittsburgh. This area was also home for Joe Rock, manager of the Skyliners. A change in name was forthcoming to the Dantes and early in 1965, Joe Rock arranged a recording session for the group at Bell Studio in New York. Two songs "How Many Times" b/w "Top Down Time" were released by Rotate Records.

    Bob Palombi, Patsy Molinaro, Rick Funaro and Dan Piacquadio

    Their Rotate disc became a "Premiere Record" on the Clark Race Show on KDKA-AM. By the week of June 21st, "Top Down Time" moved into the 39th position on KDKA Radio 1020 "Sounds One survey. Extreme popularity of the platter in Buffalo, NY provided the group with a mini tour of the city. Rotate was sold to the Amy/Mala recording Organization. By Summer's end, The Dantes had disbanded…


    Songs :

    Top Down Time                                 How Many Times


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