• Phil & Harv
    Phil & Harv & The Mixtures

    Phil & Harv (Los Angeles California)


    Personnel :

    Willis Junior Harvey

    Phillip Tucker


    Discography :

    Phil & Harv
    1961 - Darling (Please Bring Your Love) / Friendship  (Rampart 611)
    1961 - The Facts Of Love / Sweeter Than Candy (Rampart 612)

    Phil & Del
    1962 - Don't Play With Love / My Girl (Linda 105)
    1967 - These Feelings / It Hurts Me (Rampart 656)


    Biography :

    The Mixtures began as a group called the Playboys at Oxnard High School in 1957 with members Steve Mendoza, Del Franklin & Jess Poras. Later Dan Pollock, Leroy Soto and Eddie DeRobles joined the group. In 1960, they changed their name to the Mixtures because they were a mix of races, Chicano, African-American and white. They became very popular playing at local gigs, dances and weddings.   In 1960, They backed singer Cookie Comp . The Mixtures felt they needed more vocal help so Del Franklin brought in a black singer from the projects named Phillip Tucker. Phil brought in another singer, who was also African-American, by the name of Willis Junior Harvey.  Phil and Harv would be featured singers with the Mixtures for a couple of years.

    Phil & Harv    Phil & Harv
                    Phil & Harv & The Mixtures                                                                        Delbert Franklin

    The Mixtures would next back vocal  Harvey & Phillip  on "Darling)Please Bring Your Love)" and "Friendship" released in March 1961 on the Rampart label (Rampart 611). The backing vocals were done by the female group, The Blossoms though uncredited. This was follwed by by the release of Phil & Harv's "The Facts Of Love" and "Sweeter Than Candy" released on the Rampart label (Rampart 612). Following this release, Harvey Willis had some legal issues and he was replaced by The Mixtures' Delbert Franklin. In 1962 Phil & Del recorded "Don't Play With Love" and "My Girl" released on the Linda label (Linda 105). In 1967, "These Feelings" b/w "It Hurts Me" by Phil & Del was released on Rampart 656.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Phil & Harv


    The Facts Of Love / Sweeter Than Candy

    Phil & Del

         My Girl                                      Don't Play With Love

    These Feelings                                    It Hurt Me


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