• Dicky Doo & The Don'ts (Philadelphia)
     (Update By Hans-Joachim)


    Personnel :

    Gerry Granaham "Dickey Doo" (Lead)

    Harvey Davis (Bass)

    Al Ways (Sax)

    Ray Gangi (Guitar)

    Dave Alldred (Drums)


    Discography :

    Singles :

    Dickey Doo & The Don’ts
    1957 - Click-Clack / Did You Cry (Swan 4001)

    Dicky Doo & The Don’ts
    1958 - Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu / Flip Top Box (Swan 4006)
    1958 - Leave Me Alone (Let Me Cry) / Wild Party (Swan 4014)
    1959 - Teardrops Will Fall / Come With Us (Swan 4025)
    1959 - Ballad Of A Train / Dear Heart, Don't Cry (Swan 4033)
    1960 - Wabash Cannonball / The Drums Of Richard A. Doo (Swan 4046)
    1960 - Teen Scene / Pity, Pity  (UA 238)
    1961 - The Judge / A Little Dog Cried (UA 362)
    1961 - The Judge / Doo Plus Two (Danna 1001)
    1965 - Click Clack '65 / Don't Count Me Out (Ascot 2178)


    Lps :
    1960 - Madison And Other Dances (UAL-3094 / UAS-6094)
    The Big M, Part I (Madison) / What In The World's Comes Over You / Cha Cha Rooney / Ballin' The Jack / Do The Slop / Mashed Potatoes / The Big M, Part II (Madison) / Rock And Roll Waltz / Charleston / The Big Hurt / The Stroll / The Bop


    1960 - Teen Scene (UAL-3097 / UAS-6097)
    Footsteps / I Love The Way You Love / He'll Have To Go / Lady Luck / Vive L'amour / Midnight Special / Teen Scene / Wake Up Little Susie / Mr. Blue / Pity, Pity / Pretty Blue Eyes /Wild One


    1961 - Live  at Eagle Rock Ski and Golf Club in Hazleton PA (Danna D1566)
    Shake Rattle And Roll / Ain't That A Shame / Jenny Jenny / Kansa City / What I'd Say / Lucille / Allright OK You Win / Hully Gully / Saints Go Marching In / Nee Nee Na Na Nu Nu / Can't Sit Down


    Biography :

    Dickey Doo & the Dont's started out as a joke with a purpose. Gerry Granahan, a producer, songwriter, and performer needed an alias under which he could release his newest record without getting into legal trouble with another record label to which he was already under contract and the alias turned into a successful recording act.

    Granahan, born in Pittston, PA, was a musician and singer who'd handled demos for Hill & Range aimed at Elvis Presley. Signed to Sunbeam Records in 1957, he had a hit in mid-1958 with "No Chemise Please," a novelty song that got to number 23 on the Billboard chart.


    His next four singles stiffed, but then he found himself with a song that seemed like a certain hit, "Click Clack," and a label -- Swan Records of Philadelphia -- that wanted to release it; moreover, with Swan behind it, the label's silent partner, Dick Clark, would give it a boost on the local version of his daily music showcase, American Bandstand, thus ensuring it had every chance to become a hit.


    Granahan's different contractual relationships, with Sunbeam and an earlier contract with Atlantic, however, made it risky for him to release anything with Swan, at least under his own name. Thus were born Dickey Doo & the Dont's, a mythical act whose name would be attached to the song "Click Clack." Swan partner Tony Mammarella suggested the name Dickey Doo & the Dont's as an "in" joke that obliquely referred to Clark's secret involvement with Swan.


    The song broke out gradually and rose to number 28 during a three-and-a-half-month run. With a hit behind him, Granahan now faced another problem: coming up with a group to appear as Dickey Doo & the Dont's. He recruited a quartet -- Harvey Davis (bass), Al Ways (sax), Ray Gangi (guitar), and Dave Alldred (drums) -- to back him as Dickey Doo & the Dont's; Granahan was referred to on their recordings as Richard A. Doo.

    The quintet proved extremely popular in concert and charted more singles, including "Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu," "Leave Me Alone," and "Teardrops Will Fall," over the next year and a half. By the 1960s, the group had left Swan and moved to the United Artists label, where they cut two albums and remained under contract until 1965.


    Granahan continued his extensive activities as a producer during this period, working with the music of the Angels and Patty Duke, among others.
    http:// www.toddbaptista.com/gerry granahan.html


    Songs :

    Click-Clack                          Did You Cry               Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu

    Flip Top Box                    Leave Me Alone (Let Me Cry)               Wild Party

    Teardrops Will Fall                         Come With Us          Wabash Cannonball / The Drums Of Richard A. Doo

    Teen Scene                 The Judge / A Little Dog Cried              Doo Plus Two

    Don’t Count Me Out


    Complete Album

    Madison And Other Dances                     Teen Scene


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