• The Four Joes (Pontiac, MI)


    Personnel :

    Louis Tulianello

    Kenny Davis

    Peter Antos (Tenor)

    Steve Antos (Baritone)


    Discography :

    1954 - In Your Loving Care / Hajji Baba (MGM 11857)
    1954 - Oh, How i miss You Tonight / Slow down Baby (MGM 11911)
    1955 - While You're Away / Impossible (Cha Cha) (MGM 12053)
    1955 - Honey, My Little Honey / Annelise (Anna Lisa) (MGM 12147)
    1956 - Sometimes / These Are The Things (I Remember) (MGM 12259)
    1956 - My Heart Says "Thanks" To You (Trois Fois Merci) / Blues In The Night (MGM 12316)
    1956 - Lifetime Of Happiness / Uh-Huh (Darl 1005 )
    1956 - Please forget about me / It's me,It's me,It's me,My Love (Darl 1009)


    Biography :

    During his school years Kenny Davis met Pete and Steve Antos who were also vocally talented. They formed a group called Two Sharps and a Natural. They refined their craft and through their high school years they performed the music of the times in many local venues.

    Their style was soft and smooth harmony and brought them much success as showmen. Upon graduating from Pontiac High School, Hollywood beckoned. Time there was well spent as they met celebrities and stars including Bing Crosby and enjoyed life-changing experiences.

    Peter Antos

    As the Korean War began, they enlisted. Aside from performing their military duties of which Kenny was the platoon leader, they were called upon to entertain troops while stationed in Korea and Japan. The name of the group changed to the Four Joes [GI Joes] as the group expanded to include accordionist, Lou Tulianello. The highlight of their tour of duty was performing with Eddie Fisher who was a huge star at the time and even became honorary president of the Four Joes fan club. The act was a combination of comedy and show material.


    After three years of enlistment was over, the popularity of the Four Joes soared as the biggest nightclubs and music halls opened their doors to them in New York, Las Vegas .Coca Cola Hour show on television gave them even more celebrity. status. They cut over a dozen records and also appeared with Sammy Davis Jr., Ella Fitzgerald, Red Buttons, Milton Berle, Arthur Godfrey and Pearl Bailey.

    Songs :

    Sometimes                                    Uh-Huh

    My Heart Says "Thanks" To You (Trois Fois Merci) / Blues In The Night

    These Are The Things I Remember     Lifetime Of Happiness




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