• The Seniors (2)

    The Seniors (2) (Cincinnati, Ohio) 


    Personnel :

    Ray "Dean" James

    Harry Clifton

    Keith Ross

    Paul Powers


     Discography :

    The Seniors (2)
    1956 - Evening Shadows Falling (I Think Of You) / I’ve Got Plenty Of Love (Tetra 4446)
    1959 - Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life    Young / Rock And Rolly (ESV 1016)
    1960 - I've Lived Before / Hello, Mr. Robin (Decca 31112)
    1961 - When Will I Fall In Love   /  Baby, Say The Word (Decca 31244)

    Carl Dobkins, Jr. & The Seniors (2) (instru. The Orbits)
    1958 - If You Don't Want My Lovin' / Love Is Everything (Decca 30656)

    Ronnie Neat With The Four C-Notes And The Orvits
    1957 - Have Mercy On Me, Baby / Mister Rock And Roll (Four C-Notes) (Bramble 3003)

    Ron Neat with The Janet Shay Trio
    1960 - Ronnie / Say I'm The One (Alcar 1501/ Pelpal 1502)

    Biography :

    Carl Dobkins Jr. was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in January 1941. He was raised in a musical family. At the age of nine Carls’ mom and dad bought him a ukulele with a plastic Arthur Godfrey attachment that played chords by pushing buttons. He soon took off the attachment and learned over fifty hillbilly songs as a child. At the age of sixteen, young Carl made a demo of two songs he wrote with his backup group, The Seniors. The Seniors first met with a common interest in singing at Nast Memorial Methodist Church in Cincinnati. The group sang together for approximately eight years.

    The Seniors (2)    The Seniors (2)
    Carl Dobkins, Jr. & The Seniors (2)

    The group was formed in the early 50's in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area and consists of Paul Powers, Keith Ross, Ray James & Harry Clifton. The seniors will have several staff changes over the years, Bill Smith, Marv Lockart, Mike "Froggy" Bridges... In 1956, the group recorded "Evening Shadows Falling (I Think Of You)" b/w "I’ve Got Plenty Of Love" on Tetra. They toured the East Coast when “Evening Shadows Falling” climbed to the top of the local charts in Philadelphia.

    The Seniors (2)
    Carl Dobkins, Jr. & The Seniors (2) & The Orbits (Instru.)

    Friends in Carls’ neighborhood introduced Carl Dobkins, Jr. & The Seniors to Gil Sheppard. In Cincinnati Gil Sheppard was a popular deejay, Gil was taken with young Dobkins Jr. and his musical ability and the demo he had recorded. Sheppard offered to become his his manager. Carl Dobkins Jr. was promoted as “The Teenage Rage.” As a result of the buzz that happened as a result of his singing at dance parties and record hops, Carl was signed up with Fraternity Records in Cincinnati. His only release with Fraternity was his 1958 single “Take Hold of My Hand” b/w “That’s Why I’m Asking.”

    The Seniors (2)
    The Seniors (2)

    Carl moved over to the Decca label for his next recording. "If You Don't Want My Lovin" was the plug side. A nice mid tempo outing, it is credited to Carl Dobkins Jr. and The Seniors. It was recorded at the King record studios in Cincinnati, and the record did well in a few markets, including Charleston West Virginia. After recording "If You Don't Want My Lovin'" at King Records studios, Sheppard sold the master recording to Decca Records. Dobkins then recorded sessions for Decca in Nashville, Tennessee, which included "My Heart is an Open Book" in 1959, which reached No. 3 on the pop chart and number 11 on the R&B chart.

    The Seniors (2)     The Seniors (2)
                 The Seniors (2)                                                                                Ray James (Ron Neat)

    At the same time, the Seniors recorded "Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life Young" and "Rock And Rolly" single for ESV and two for Decca, and signed with Decca for two records "I've Lived Before" b/w "Hello, Mr. Robin" and "When Will I Fall In Love" b/w"Baby, Say The Word". Ray Dean James, one of the Seniors recorded two singles in 1957 and 1960 under the name of Ron'nie' Neat. He also released a number of singles under his own name, did some session work as a background vocalist at the legendary King Records studios and did nightclub performances that included music and stand-up comedy at dozens of clubs in Greater Cincinnati.

    Songs :

    The Seniors (2)

              Evening Shadows Falling                 I’ve Got Plenty Of Love               

     Hello, Mr. Robin                               Baby, Say The Word

    Carl Dobkins, Jr. & The Seniors (2)

    If You Don't Want My Lovin'                     Love Is Everything        

    Ron Neat with The Janet Shay Trio



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