• The Vocal-Airs aka The Blue Sonnets
    Eric Nathanson

    The Vocal-Airs (Coney Island, Brooklyn)
    aka The Blue Sonnets


    Personnel :

    Louis Fasanaro

    Eric Nathanson (Second Tenor)

    Joseph Piazza

    Robert Kutner (First Tenor)


    Discography :

    The Vocal-Airs
    Single :
    1962 - Dance Dance / These Empty Arms (Herald 573)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - Crying In The Chapel (Herald)
    1962 - Out Of Sight Out Of Mind  (Herald)

    The Blue Sonnets
    1963 - Thank You Mr. Moon / It's Never Too Late (To Fall In Love) (Columbia 42793)

    Ricky Reynolds (Eric Nathanson)
    1959 - Let's Leave It That Way / Get The Message (Mohawk 201)


    Biography :

    Louis Fasanaro, Eric Nathanson, Joseph Piazza and Robert Kutner were from Bensonhurst. Eric Nathanson originally sang with Lonnie & the Carollons of Mohawk fame. Eric Nathanson recorded a solo single under the name of Ricky Reynolds before joining The Vocal-Airs. The Vocal-Airs recorded for Herald records "Dance Dance" b/w "These Empty Arms" in 1962.

    The Vocal-Airs aka The Blue Sonnets    The Vocal-Airs aka The Blue Sonnets

    "Dance Dance" have a little airplay in September 1962.  From the same session, they recorded "Crying In The Chapel" and "Out Of Sight Out Of Mind", unfortunately the two songs were never released. In 1963, Vinnie Fiacco replaced Bob Kutner and the group evolved into the Blue Sonnets and recorded "Thank You Mr. Moon" b/w "It's Never Too Late" on Columbia Records.

    The Vocal-Airs aka The Blue Sonnets    The Vocal-Airs aka The Blue Sonnets

    "Thank You Mr. Moon" was credited by M. Saunders and D. Blatt. D. Blatt is also known as Jay Black. M. Saunders is Marty Saunders (Sanders). They were members of Jay and the Americans. Bob Kutner also sang in the Boptones on Ember, The Four Romans on Wynne and with the Accents after their recording of "Rag To Riches".

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)    

    The Vocal-Airs

       Dance Dance                                    These Empty Arms

    Crying In The Chapel                   Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

    The Blue Sonnets

    Thank You Mr. Moon                       It's Never Too Late 


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