• The Rue-Teens  (Bronx, NY)

    Personnel :

    Jimmy Appollo (Lead)

    Joe "Peppi" Contaldi (Baritone)

    Jerry McGregor (First Tenor)

    Frankie Bujosa (Second Tenor)


    Discography :

    1964 - Lucky Boy / I Don't Cry Over Girls (Louis 6805)
    1965 - Happy Teenager / Come A Little Bit Closer (Old Timer 612)

    1965 - Bad Girl (Old Timer)
    1965 - Dance With Me (Old Timer)
    1965 - She cried (Old Timer)
    1965 - Cara Mia (Old Timer)

    Biography :

    Group from Tremont Avenue in the Bronx,NY. consisted of Jimmy Appollo (Lead), Joe "Peppi" Contaldi (Baritone), Jerry McGregor (First Tenor) and Frankie Bujosa (second Tenor). Joe Foti did at some point replace both Frank and Jerry at various times. The group recorded in 1964 two songs for Louis Records, a subsidary of Fernwood Records, Memphis, Tennessee Operated by Bill Black. "Lucky Boy" b/w "I Don't Cry Over Girls" was released in 1964.

    The Rue-Teens at Palisades Park 1965 (Pepe, Jerry, Frankie and Jimmy)

    The group recorded songs for Bobby Miller’s Old Timer (a cappella) label. "Happy Teenager" b/w "Come A Little Bit" Closer was released in December 1965 on Old Timer 612 .Jimmy Appollo and Joe Foti were original members of Jimmy & the Crestones ("New Girl On My Block" / "Angel Maureen"). Jimmy has been performing with various groups over the years.

    Songs :
     (Update By Hans-Joachim)

    Dance With me                     Bad Girl                         I Don't Cry Over Girls

    Lucky Boy                            She Cried                        Happy Teenager

    Come A Little Bit Closer                Cara Mia


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