• The Sentimentals (1) (Coney Island, New York)

    Personnel :

    Sylvester Jackson (Lead)

    Floyd Bond (First Tenor)

    Edward Copeland (Second Tenor)

    Kipling Pittman (Baritone)

    Michael Riggins (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Sentimentals (1)
    1957 - I Want To Love You / Teenie Teenager (Mint 801/Checker 875)
    1957 - Wedding Bells / A Sunday Kind Of Love (Mint 802)
    1958 - I'm Your Fool Always / Rock Me Mama (Mint 803)
    1959 - You're Mine / Danny Boy (Mint 805)
    1968 - I'll Miss These Things / This Time (Mint 807)
    1972 - I Want To Love You / This Time (Mint 808)

    James Carter & The Sentimentals (1)
    1957 - Hey Baby Hey / I Know  (Tuxedo 922)

    Ann Nichols & The Sentimentals (1)
    1958 - Lover I'm Waiting for you / I'm Sixteen Years (Tuxedo 926/943)

    Patty York (bb The Sentimentals (1))
    1958  - You Walked Away With My Heart / That Old Feeling (Mint 806)

    Biography :

    This vocal group featured Sylvester Jackson as lead, Floyd Bond - 1st Tenor, Edward Copeland - 2nd Tenor, Kipling Pittman - Baritone & Michael Riggins - Bass. As mentioned above the group was from Coney Island, New York.


    The Sentimentals came to Tuxedo Records for an audition. The label was primarily a Gospel organization, but Tuxedo management liked them and in 1957 began Mint Records for secular music. " I Want To Love You" and "Teenie Teenager"  was their first release in August 1957.

    Ann Nichols                                                Patty York

    When it began to take off, a deal was struck with Chess Record of Chicago for more effective distribution. They recorded for Mint Records and doing back-up work for Mint/Tuxedo artists such as James Carter, Ann Nichols and Patty York. In 1958, Bond  and Pittman left and were replaced by Ralph Gamble, making the group a quartet.


    During the dormant early 1960s, Gamble left and was replaced by Gary Simmons. The Group recorded several sides, none of which were released. Live appearances continued and eventually they began performing and recording as a soul group.

    Songs :

    I Want To Love You           I'll Miss These Things            A Sunday Kind Of Love

    Wedding Bells                 I'll Miss These Things                  This Time

    I'm Your Fool Always            Rock Me, Mama                            Danny Boy

    James Carter & The Sentimentals (1)

    I Know                                  Hey, Baby, Hey

    Patty York & The Sentimentals (1)

    You Walked Away With My Heart       That Old Feeling


    Ann Nichols & The Sentimentals (1)

    Lover I'm Waiting for you            I'm Sixteen Years


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