•  The Five G's

    The Five G's (Boston)


    Personnel :

    Eddie Gates (Lead)

    Alan Gates

    Ron Gates

    Angelo Vecchi (Second Tenor)

    Jim Roberson (Bass)


    Discography :

    1964 - Forget Her / I Think I Know (Washingtonian 200 043)


    Biography :

    This Boston Based vocal group got their start in the early sixties, singing and harmonising "a cappella" style to many of the current hits, as well as to songs of years gone by. The group, then called "The Three G's" consisted of three Gates brothers, Alan, Eddie and Ron. After a short time, Jim Roberson became the 4Th G as the Group Bass singer.  Ron Gates, the originator and leader of the group insisted that practice came first, night after night, ahead of most everything... including girlfriends. Soon a 5th G was added in the form of 2n tenor Angelo Vecchi. Thus "The Five G's" were born... more practice and hours of writing original music by Ron. That's when the song "I Think I Know" and many others were written and composed.

     The Five G's     The Five G's

    The Five G's began to look for places to showcase their talents... They found tremendously receptive audiences at local Friday Night dances both large and small, and at local Church or Charity functions. In short time, they were a very busy, and very popular group... just singing and enjoying the "Doo Wop" songs ... cappella style. As time went by, the group decided they needed to consider adding music. A few of the guys experimented with playing the Guitar, drums and sax, but it wasn't to long before they decided to stick with what they knew best...vocals. So the search and audition for instrumentalists began. Before long they found some great additions to the group, adding McKinnon on bass guitar, Don Saulnier on lead and rhythm guitar and Mike Davis on drums. The club gigs started rolling in and soon after, their first original "I Think I Know" was recorded at Ace Recording Studios, in Boston. It was released under the Washingtonian Records label and although it never went big nationally, it was tremendous hit locally.


    Songs :

    I Think I Know                                           Forget Her


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