•  The Swinging Hearts
    Jerry Williams, Morris Spearmon, Roscoe Brown and Ernest Lemon 

    The Swinging Hearts (Chicago)

    Personnel :

    Morris Spearmon (Lead)

    Ernest Lemon

    Jerry Williams

    Lee Brown

    Roscoe Brown (Bass)

    Discography :

    1961 - Please Say It Isn't So / Something Made Me Stop (Stop Shopping Around) (Lucky Four 1011 / Diamond 162)
    1963 - How Can I Love You / Spanish Love (620 1002 / NRM 1002)
    1963 - Something Made Me Stop (Stop Shopping Around) / Pony Rock (620 1005)
    1964 - You Speak Of Love / I've Got It (Magic touch 2001/620 1009)


    Biography :

    The Swinging Hearts were a five-man group from Robbins, in the south Chicago suburbs, featuring the excellent lead of Morris Spearmon and the outstanding bass of Roscoe Brown. Other members were Ernest Lemon, Jerry Williams, and Lee Brown (A cousin or Brother of Roscoe). The four, minus Lee Brown, had attended Blue Island High and had sung in the Passions, a group with female lead Addie Bradley. Record entrepreneur Don Talty discovered the group but wanted only Bradley.

    Jan Bradley & Don Talty                                                                                                          

    He rechristened her Jan Bradley and she went on to fame with "Mama Didn't Lie." The remaining Passions added Lee Brown and refocused their career with Spearmon as lead under the name Swinging Hearts. Their first release, "Please Say It Isn't So, was first released later that year. The master was purchased in 1965 and was released again that year on Diamond Records for national distribution.

    The Passions. (Lef to right) Ernest Lemon, Morris Spearmon, Jan Bradley , Jerry Williams and Roscoe Brown

    The Swinging Hearts recorded doowops in a more traditional vein with their next release from 1963, on Six-Twenty, the Spearmon-composed "Spanish Love," a Latin-style song with a perky beat, backed with a droopy ballad, "How Can I Love You". The group's last release with the company was "You Speak of Love" backed with "I've Got It" . It is felt that if the members of this group had been single and free of other responsibilities and obligations, they might have become quite popular. As it was, family responsibilities kept them from traveling to promote their excellent discs.

    Songs :

    Please Say It Isn't So             Something Made Me......            How Can I Love You

    Spanish Love                        I've Got It                       You Speak Of Love


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