The Itels : (L to R) Tony Giorgi, Nick Genovese, Mike Lanza and Frank Medicino

    The Itels (Port Chester, New York)


    Personnel :

    Augie DeCrecenzo (Lead)

    Mike Lanza

    Nick Genovese

    Tony Giorgi


    Discography :

    1961 - Star Of Paradise / Chubby Isn't Chubby Anymore (Magnifico 101)


    Biography :

    Tony Giorgi came from Port Chester, NY along with his friends Mike Lanza, Nick Genovese and Frank Medicino and formed a group in 1957 called the Itels. In 1961, another friend Augie DeCrecenzo replaced Frank as the Groups lead singer. The Itels recorded a song about Chubby Checker penned by Bernice Ross for the Magnifico label called "Chubby Isn't Chubby Anymore" b/w "Star of Paradise" a group original.


    Songs :

    Star Of Paradise                        Chubby Isn't Chubby Anymore



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