• The Beverly's 

    The Beverly's (Penha, Brazil)


    Personnel :

    José Pereira

    José Mariano

    Benedito Guido de Castro

    Amelia de Paula Loureiro

    Vander Loureiro

    Discography :

    1958 - There Goes My Baby / Little Star (Young 108)
    1959 - Dance With Me / Yakety Yak (Young 122)
    1960 - La Cucaracha / Anjinho Da Gang (RGE 70.114)

    Biography :

    The Beverlys were the first all-Black rock'n'roll group to come into the Brazilian rock scene circa 1959. The group hailed from Penha, a working-class suburb in the sprawling eastern section of São Paulo. José Pereira, a tall and handsome young man who worked as a clerk in the city's financial district went to see 'European nights', an Italian-French 'mondo film' production (exploitation documentary) showing European night places and was flabbergasted by the performance of The Platters he saw in the big screen. 'You'll never know' and 'My dream' were the 2 numbers sung by the Platters in a night-club in Rome.

    The Beverly's

    When Pereira got back to Penha he told Vander Loureiro, a friend he used to sing along with, that he had seen the light. Pereira insisted Vander would have to go and watch 'Europa de Noite' (the title in Portuguese) to check it out. Pereira said they had to form a group like that; he knew they were capable of singing similar to them. They only needed two more guys and a girl. Soon they had The Beverlys all figured out: Mariano and Castro were the 2 other guys plus Amélia Loureiro, Vander's wife who would pass off as his sister because a rock'n'roll group was not supposed to have a husband-wife team.

    The Beverly's

    Just when The Beverlys were about ready, Vander found out that Radio Panamericana's DJ Miguel Vaccaro Netto was looking for new rock'n'roll outfits - singers, instrumental or vocal groups - to record at his brand new label Young Records. Vander took one of their demo records to show Vaccaro who signed them on the spot. The Beverlys recorded 2 singles for Young Records in 1959 and 1960: covers of The Drifters' 'There goes my baby' and 'Dance with me' plus The Coasters' 'Yakety yak' and The Elegants' 'Little star'. On top of their own records The Beverlys did back up vocals for most of the 60 songs recorded by the other acts Young had under contract.

    The Beverly's

    During 1959 and 1960 The Beverlys were really busy performing at TV and radio shows, travelling all around the country to promote their records and their colleagues at Young. Unfortunately, for one reason or another Young Records folded in late 1960, but The Beverlys continued their activities on TV or singing at balls and parties. The Beverlys existed up to 1962, in their original formation. Then Pereira left the group due to personal problems. Late in 1964, The Beverlys recorded in Portuguese for the first time: 'Anjinho da gang' backed with 'La cucaracha' was released by RGE.

    Songs :

    Little Star                                 Yakety Yak

    There Goes My Baby                         Dance With Me    

    Anjinho Da Gang                           La Cucaracha


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