• Anthony Antonelli, Jim Grote, Jimmy Amatullo and Johnny Antonelli

    The Young Lads (2) (Hell's Kitchen, New York)


    Personnel :

    Anthony Antonelli (Lead)

    Jim Grote

    Johnny Antonelli

    Jimmy Amatullo



    The Young Lads (2)
    1963 - Night After Night / Graduation Kiss (Felice 909/712)

    Stan Vincent bb The Young Lads (2)
    1963 - Hot Fudge Sundaes and Pizza Pies / The World Is Round (Felice 711)


    Biography :

    Anthony Antonelli  was born and raised in the west side in Hell's Kitchen around 51st and 52nd street and 10th avenue. Anthony began his singing career at the age of twelve and was a two-time winner on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour. In the late fifties Anthony started his first vocal group called The Young Ladds with his brother Johnny, Jim Grote and Jimmy Amatullo.

    The Young Lads (2)    The Young Lads (2)
    Marty ?, Johnny Antonelli And Anthony Antonelli                                                                                                                                   

    The Group was immediately signed to Felice Records. The group released its first record on Felice Records entitled ''Night After Night''. This record immediately made its way to Billboards Top 100. During the session, the Young Lads backed Singer, songwriter, producer, arranger: Stan Vincent on "Hot Fudge Sundaes and Pizza Pies" b/w "The World Is Round"                                             

       The Young Lads (2)                                                                                                      Stan Vincent

    Anthony's contract was sold to Music Tone Records where he joined a group called "The Classics". Anthony's next venture in show business was helping to launch a cartoon character called Smurf. '
    Jimmy Amatullo was also a member (very possibly the Lead Singer) of the Dedications on the C & A label who had “Shining Star” b/w “Mary Lou” on C & A (# 506) in 1963.

    Songs :

    The Young Lads (2)

    Graduation Kiss  /  Night After Night


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