• The Dots (1) The Dots (1956) : Mel Braxton, Pete Smith, Jeanette Baker , DJ Huggy Boy and Bill Gore

    The Dots (1) (Los Angeles, CA)


    Personnel :

    Jeanette Baker (Lead)

    Johnny Flamingo

    Pete Smith


    Ray Brewster


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1956 - I Confess / I Wish  (I Could Meet Her) (Caddy 101)
    1956 - I Lost You / Johnny (Caddy 107)
    1956 - Heartsick And Lonely / Good Luck To You  (Best Wishes Too)  (Caddy 111)

    1956 - I Confess (The Dots) / All Nite Long (Joe Houston) / So Long (Johnny Flamingo) / Eternally (The Twilighters)     (Caddy 115)

    Biography :

    Jeanette Baker  was born June 7th, 1938 in Denver, Colorado. After moving to Los Angeles on a permanent basis in 1956, she was forming a group called the Dots. One of the members was from husband-to-be Johnny Flamingo who passed the audition. Others chose from the pack were tenor Pete Smith plus a fellow named Ed. They came to 'Huggy Boy'(A Los Angeles DJ) with a tune called "I Confess," a romantic ballad lead with verve and gusto by Jeanette herself. Then Huggy Boy decided to start a record label, Caddy, and made their debut song, "I Confess" b/w "I Wish".

    The Dots (1)    The Dots (1)
    Jeanette Baker                                                                                                 
    The chart chosen for the flip, "I wish" (I could meet her), was a rocking and stopin' jumper with unknown male lead Johnny Flamingo that tends the supporting ''Handsome Jim Balcom Band In full throttle, with shrieking sax and pounding piano "I confess'' made a little noise in the L.A. area but did not pick up too much notice until it was introduced by Ernie Freeman to the fourteen-year-old Paul Anka at Modern Records in September 1956.

    The Dots (1)     The Dots (1)
    Johnny Flamingo                                                         Jeanette Baker  

    When Jeanette and Johnny met It was love at first sight but they had to wait a while to get married as Johnny was already hitched to his first wife. Ray Brewster joined the Dots in Johnny Flamingo's place In 1957 and the quartet enjoyed two releases. The first was the sweetly sung, mid tempo ballad "Johnny" backed by  "I lost you" (Caddy 107). "Johnny" made a fair bit of noise around Southern California but did not dent any charts. The Dots' third and final single release was "Good luck to you" coupled with "Heartsick & lonely" (Caddy 111). "Good luck to you" is yet another sulky, heartfelt ballad sung prettily to basic rhythm accompaniment. By now, the original Dots had gone their separate ways and had been replaced by singers with a good deal more professional experience.


    Songs :

                 I Confess                                I Wish  (I Could Meet Her)

                     Johnny / I Lost You         Good Luck To You... /Heartsick And Lonely


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