• The De-Los aka The Sherrys
    The Sherrys

    The De-Los (Philadelphia)
    aka The Sherrys


    Personnel :

    Delores "Honey" Wylie (Lead)

    Delphine Cook

    Dinelle Cook

    Joyce ? (Soprano)

    Clarence Smith (Bass)


    Discography :

    1958 - Lullabye Serenade / Pork And Gravy (Cedar 302)


    Biography :

    The Sherrys were a short-lived girl group with a rich, soulful sound, built around dance numbers that they performed with extraordinary exuberance, organized by Philadelphia singing star Little Joe Cook. A veteran of gospel and R&B, Cook had led a group called the Thrillers from the mid-'50s. In 1958, Little Joe began putting a group together around his two daughters, Delphine and Dinelle Cook, Delores "Honey" Wylie, Joyce ? and Clarence Smith, Bass of the Students.

    The De-Los aka The Sherrys    The De-Los aka The Sherrys

    Billed as the De-Los the group recorded "Lullabye Serenade" b/w "Pork And Gravy" both sides lead by Delores Wylie on the Cedar label. In 1961, they changed their name as the Sherrys and did some backup work for Maureen Gray,  Billy & the Essentials and Bobby Rydell. At this time, the Sherrys consisted of Delphine 'Sugar' Cook, Dinelle Cook, Charlotte Walker and Delores 'Honey' Wylie.
    Thanks to Mike Sweeney


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Lullabye Serenade                            Pork And Gravy




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