• The Pledges (1)
    From left : Reed Clements, Dick Gabriel, Clyde Battin, Bobby Verbosh, Gary Paxton

    The Pledges (1) (Tucson, Arizona)

    Personnel :

    Clyde Battin (vocal/gt/bass)

    Gary Paxton (vcl/gt)

    Bobby Verbooh (gt)

    Reed Clements (drums)

    Dick Gabriel (sax)

    Discography :

    1958 - Betty Jean / Her Bermuda Shorts (Rev 3517)

    Biography :

    Clyde Battin & Gary S. Paxton met while attending the University of Arizona in the late 1950s. They formed The Pledges, a vocal & instrumental group  with Dick Gabriel (sax player) Bobby Verbosh (rhythm guitarist) and Reed Clements (Drums). they came to Phoenix and auditioned for Rev Records and landed a recording contract.  They made two sides "Betty Jean" and "Her Bermuda Shorts". They kept working as the Pledges in Tucson, and they went up to Phoenix and cut another four sides, two as Clyde and Gary : "Why Not Confess" b/w "Johnny Risk". Needless to say the Pledges didn't happen and Clyde and Gary didn't happen, but then they released the other two sides that they had cut, "It Was I" , which Gary had written, and "Lunch Hour" which both Gary and Clyde had written.

    The Pledges (1)     The Pledges (1)
                                                                                        Skip and Flip       

    Rev Records sold the masters "It Was I" and "Lunch Hour" to Brent Records in New York City, which is a subsidiary of Time Records. They are now Skip and Flip." That was 1959. Their recording "It Was I" entered the U.S. Top 20 in 1959, peaking at No. 11, and the follow-up, "Fancy Nancy", charted at No. 71. Their next release, a revival of Marvin And Johnny's R&B hit single, "Cherry Pie", also made No. 11 but proved to be the last chart entry they recorded together. Paxton went on to record for several labels using several names, including the Hollywood Argyles, with which he topped the charts in 1960 with the novelty song "Alley-Oop".

    Songs :

    Betty Jean


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