• The Moontones (Melbourne, Australia)

    Personnel :

    Johnny Edwards

    Adrian Ussher

    Ron Patrick

    Tony Lee

    Discography :

    Johnny Guitar & The Moontones
    1959 - My Baby Dolly / Raindrop (Planet PX-024)

    Brian Penglase & The Moontones
    1959 - New lovers / Chattanooga shoe shine boy (Planet PX-031)
    1960 - He'll have to go / Pauline (Planet PX-038)

    Peter McLean & The Moontones
    1961 - Starbright / Clementine (Planet PX-039)
    1961 - Starbright / Winter wonderland  / Unchained melody / Love walked in (EP PZ-026)

    Biography :

    The Moontones are a Melbourne vocal group active circa 1959-60. Original line- up was Johnny Edwards, Adrian Ussher, Ron Patrick & Tony Lee. Used frequently as backing group on records by other artists.

    The Moontones                                                The Thin Men

    They backed up Johhny Guitar, Brian Penglase and Peter Mc Lean. They Later became The Thin Men.

    Songs :

    Brian Penglase & The Moontones

    New lovers

    Johnny Guitar & The Moontones

    Raindrop                                       My Baby Dolly

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