•  The Saucers aka the Velvetones (5)

    The Saucers  (Dallas, Texas)
    aka  The Velvetones (5) 
    (with Hans-Joachim)


    Personnel :

    Jimmy Beacham

    Leonard Allen

    Charles Beacham

    Verdie Lee Thomas

    James Stanley


    Discography :

    The Saucers  

    Singles :
    1959 - Why Do I Dream? / Cha Wailey Routa (Felco 104)
    1959 - Flossie Mae / Hi-Oom (Kick 100)
    1964 - Hello Darling / Giggle Goo (Lynne 101) 

    Unreleased :
    1959 - Hey Girl
    1959 - Time Gives Me Plasure
    1959 - Who Took My Girl
    1959 - Old Mother Hubbard
    1959 - Please Understand
    1959 - Debbie Lee
    1959 - Darling
    1959 - Mighty Mighty Man
    1959 - This Feeling Is Killing Me
    1959 - Please Come Back To Me
    1959 - Love You Baby
    1959 - Come Back To Me
    1959 - My Love My Love (Eddy McCall bb The Saucers)


    The Velvetones (5)

    Singles :
    1959 - Come Back / Penalty Of Love (D 1049)
    1959 - Worried Over You / Space Man (D 1072)


    Biography :

    Compsed by Jimmy Beacham, Leonard Allen, Charles Beacham, Verdie Lee Thomas and James Stanley, the Saucers were on of the few doo wop groups from Texas, a blues and R&B stronghold. They are a really good Black quintet with strong, beautiful lead vocals and harmonizing on ballads, uptempo and novelty tunes.

     The Saucers aka the Velvetones (5)
    Jimmy Beacham, Leonard Allen, Charles Beacham, Verdie Lee Thomas and James Stanley

    Native vocal groups were not very popular in texas during the 50s and the style came to the state rather late in the decade after being extremely popular along the east and west coasts. Despite the late arrival, those few groups that did emerge in Texas learned their lesson well. Of these, the Saucers are the Velvetones, who recorded on Dee records under this name, were the Best and certainly equal to many to the more popular groups on either coast.
    Note on CD  "Presenting the Saucers"


    Songs :

    The Saucers

    Flossie Mae                             Hi-Oom

    Why Do I Dream                           Cha Wailey Routa

    Hello Darling / Giggle Goo               Please Understand     

    Time Gives Me Pleasure                         Debbie Lee    

    Please Come Back To Me


    The Velvetones (5)

    Come Back                                  Penalty Of Love

    Worried Over You                                Space Men



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