• The Four Gents (1)
    Eddie Sullivan & John Staples (Belvederes)

    The Belvederes (3) (Chicago)
    Ref: The Four Gents (1)
    Ref: The Desidero’s

    Personnel :

    Eddie Sullivan (Lead)

    John Staples

    Willie Crowley

    Jerry Brown 

    Kenneth Brown 


    Discography :
    1958 - Let's Get Married / Wow Wow Mary Mary (Trend 30 009)

    Biography :

    Around 1954, in grade school, Eddie Sullivan meet the futures members of the Four Gents, Sullivan was with these individuals through high school. After being together all those years and practicing for so long, they finally recorded a disc. "On Bended Knee," the ballad side, was weighed down by a rudimentary musical accompaniment and amateurish production. Sullivan, however, could write a solid melody even if the lyrics were simplistic , so the vocal arrangement and tune were carrying the record. "Linda," also written by Sullivan, sported a Latin tempo, as did so many droops of the era.

    The Four Gents (1)
    (The Four Gents) Eddie Sullivan, Waymon Bryant, John Staples and Louis Pritchett

    Around 1958, the Four Gents split in half. Louis Pritchett and Waymon Bryant joined Matthew Perkins and Calvin Baron to form the Twi-lites and Eddie Sullivan and John Staples joined with Willie Crowley, and brothers Jerry and Kenneth Brown to form the Belvederes. Eddie Sullivan on lead and the Belvederes recorded "Let's Get Married" b/w "Wow Wow Mary Mary" on Trend Records, a subsidiary of Kapp Records owned by Fred Kaplan. The latter group lasted one year before breaking up. A few years later, in 1963, Eddie Sullivan recorded another record as a member of the Desideros. With a tongue-twisting moniker like the Desideros, these Chicago natives had little chance for success. The association of Joe Manuel (lead), Robert Goley (lead), Albert "Eddie" Sullivan (tenor), Marshal Thompson (baritone), Del Brown (tenor), and Creadel "Red" Jones (bass) had one record release on Renee Records in 1960 that went nowhere.

    The Four Gents (1)   The Four Gents (1)
                The (C)Hi-Lites : Top : Creadel "Red" Jones, Eugene Record, Robert Squirrel- Bottom : Marshal Thompson

    The lineup wavered between quintet and quartet. Two members, Thompson and Jones joined Eugene Record, Robert "Squirrel" Lester, and Clarence Johnson of the The Chaunteurs to form the Hi-lites. Noting that the name Hi-lites was already in use, and wishing to add a tribute to their home town of Chicago, they changed their name to "Marshall and the Chi-Lites" in 1964. Johnson left later that year, and their name was subsequently shortened to The Chi-Lites.

    Songs :

       Let's Get Married                             Wow Wow Mary Mary



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