• The Chapelaires aka The Softwinds

    The Chapelaires  (Pittsburgh)
    aka The Softwinds

    Personnel :

    Tony Rausch

    Bob Bubarth

    Ross Melodia

    Fred Ferketic

    Discography :

    The Chapelaires
    1961 - I'm Still In Love With You / Not Good Enough (Hac 101)
    1961 - Gloria / Under Hawaiian Skies  (Hac 102)

    Joni kay & The Chapelaires
    1964 - Lonely Star / Happy Memories (Gateway 744)
    1965 - It's Impossible, Why Try / Vacation Time (Gateway 746)

    John Ivey bb The Chapelaires
    1963 - Own A Real Live Clown / Far Far Far Away (Scotty 615)

    Marie LaDonna & The Chapelaires
    1964 - How Can I Let You Know / Georgie Porgie (Not Them) (Gateway 730) 

    The Softwinds
    1961 - Cross my heart / Oh Baby (Hac 105)


    Biography :

    It all started back in 1955 when a large group of eighth graders from the Mount Troy / Troy Hill District of Pittsburgh were attending Saint Anthony's Church. The Group of 12-20 boys would pass the chapel along side St. Anthony's every week on their way to church. One day someone suggested they start a singing group and all agreed. Whithin three weeks when the smoke cleared only four remained with a serious commitment to singing Tony Rausch, Paul Young, Ross Melodia and Fred Ferketic who were now the "Chapel Boys".


    The group would perform at local hops and by 1957 Paul was replaced by Bob Bubarth. The group made some demos of original tunes they had written, "A Tear", Scarlet Scarf", "Swing Loose" and "Walla Walla Bong Bong". They would acquire amanager in 1958, Bob Ross, who was working with several other groups at the time (i.e. - Mario & the Satellites). A name change also developed and the group became "The Chapelaires".


    Soon a management change would have the boys under the direction of DJ Mark Flanagan (Bob Pappas) of Weep. He got the group a contract with HAC Records named after the three song writing partners, Hal-Al-Chuck. Fred was a few years older than the rest of the group and in 1959 elected to go to college. He was replaced with bill Schmidt. So the recordings on HAC in 1961 were Bill, Tony, Ross and Bob. Bill would soon be drafted (1962?) and the group picked up John Lajzo and Wayne Goldie, Both former members of a local acappella group the Suburbans.

      The Chapelaires aka The Softwinds   

    The groups sound had now changed so they felt a new name should match their sound, "The Softwinds". Hac Records only had four releases on the label before they closed their doors after less than two years of operation.

    The Chapelaires aka The Softwinds

    The Softwinds

    The final release by "The Softwinds" were by the boys themselves. After a lack of succes the group would loose Wayne and go back to the name the "Chapelaires". Elmer Willett heard them and had them do some background vocals for Gateway Records, the label he was affiliated with.
    Ed Angel (Crystal Ball Records)

    Songs :

    The Chapelaires

    I'm Still In Love With You                  Not Good Enough


    The Softwinds

    Cross My Heart                            Oh Baby

    John Ivey bb The Chapelaires

    Own A Real Live Clown                 Far Far Far Away

    Marie LaDonna & The Chapelaires

    How Can I Let You Know


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