The Five Stars (2) (Indianapolis, Ind.)
    ref : The Four Stars (4)


    Personnel :

    Ron Russell (Lead)

    Jim Bruhn (First Tenor)

    Bill Campbell  (Second Tenor)

    Larry Hoffman (Baritone)

    Bruce Miller (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Five Stars (2)

    Singles :
    1957 - Atom Bomb Baby / You Sweet Little Thing (Kernel 319574/Dot 15579)
    1958 - Dreaming / Pickin'On The Wrong Chicken (Note 10011/ Hunt 318/ABC 9911)
    1958 - Friction / My Paradise (Note 10016)
    1959 - Am I Wasting My Time / Gambling Man (Note 10031)
    Unreleased :
    1958 - Sweet Names (Note) 

    Dottie Fergerson & The Five Stars (2)
    1958 - Slow Burn / You And Me And Love  (Kernel 31957/Mercury 71129)

    Ronnie Haig bb The Five Stars (2)
    1958 - Traveler Of Love / Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby (Note 10016/ABC 9912/10209 )


    Biography :

    From the Indianapolis Indiana area, this group of Five Stars had several records on different labels. The Five Stars consisted of: Lead, Ron Russel, First Tenor Jim Bruhn, 2nd Tenor Larry Huffman, Baritone Bill Campbell, and on Bass Bruce Miller (later replaced by Popcorn Johnson) . Their first record was on the Kentucky based Kernal label. Using a somewhat popular theme at the time, "Atom Bomb Baby"  b/w "You Sweet Little Thing" on the flip. The record made enough noise for Dot records to pick it up and distribute for the entire USA. It didn't meet the expectations of Dot, but it certainly got the Five Stars name in circulation.

    The next sequential release on the Kernal label was Dottie Fergerson backed with the Five Stars. "Slow Burn" made enough local noise that Mercury actually picked it up for their label. On the flip was "You And Me And Love." Dottie Fergerson went on to have a couple additional issues for Mercury. These sides were cut at the same session as the previous Five Stars release on Kernal.

    Ronnie Haig                                                                                                         

    The Five Stars signing a recording contract on the Indianapolis label called Note a cut three singles. The First  "Pickin On The Wrong Chicken" was getting the play at local radio stations. Released in March of 1958, it never made any national charts, but certainly scored high on the local and regional sheets. On The Same Session Ronnie hag cut his first record, "Traveler Of Love" b/w "Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby" and The Five Stars provided vocal group back up on both sides.

    The Five Stars made several appearances on 'American Bandstand.' In early summer of 1958 Note released "My Paradise"  b/w "Friction". "My Paradise" had all the elements to become a hit, except for sales. The last release for was called "Am I Wasting My Time" backed with "Gambling Man."  In 1960 Jim Bruhn and Ron Russell reformed a vocal and instrumental group called The Four Stars. The group backed Lorenzo Conyers of the Ink Spots.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

     The Five Stars (2)

    Atom Bomb Baby                    You Sweet Little Thing                 Dreaming

    Pickin'On The Wrong Chicken            Friction                     My Paradise

    Am I Wasting My Time / Gambling Man        Sweet Names

     Dottie Fergerson & The Five Stars (2)

    Slow Burn / You And Me And Love

     Ronnie Haig bb The Five Stars (2)

    Traveler Of Love                      Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby


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