• The Capitols (3)
    Kurtis Scott "Kurt Harris"

    The Capitols (3) (Brooklyn NY)


    Personnel :

    Nathaniel "Butch" Epps (Lead)

    Billy Hall (First Tenor)

    Eddie Jacobs (Second Tenor)

    Clarence Collins (Baritone) replaced By Bruce…

    Kurtis Scott "Kurt Harris" (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Capitols (3)
    1958 - Angel Of Love / Cause I Love You (Pet 807)

    The Charmers (with Nathaniel "Butch" Epps & Kurtis Scott)
    Unreleased :
    1956 - Letter Of Love
    1956 - Did You Receive The Letter


    Biography :

    Curtis Futch Jr. was born in Elonia, Georgia. And he was raised in Briswick, GA. At an early age he landed in Brooklyn NY. He began singing as a young kid. Kurtis first sang with a group called the Charmers in 1955, at the tender age of 13. One of those aggregations that started in schools, the members were: Kurtis Harris (bass), Nathaniel "Butch" Epps (lead; also known as "Little John"),Jose Harris (first tenor), and Kenny Harris (baritone; Kurtis' brother). The Charmers played local dances and also recorded a couple of songs at Brooklyn's Polk Studios, but "Letter Of Love" and "Did You Receive The Letter" were never issued. The aggregation didn't last long, however, since Butch Epps (also 13) was sent to a correctional facility in Goshen, New York. When Epps was released, he became a member of the Chips (of "Rubber Biscuit" fame), along with Kinrod Johnson, whom he'd met at the Goshen facility. Kurtis occasionally appeared with them as a fill-in member.

    The Capitols (3)
    The Chips : Nathaniel "Butch" Epps  (top Left)

    After the Chips had broken up, Kurtis and Butch took to hanging around 1697 Broadway (the CBS Building),where they were able to encounter other singers looking for that big break. Soon, first tenor Billy Hall, second tenor Eddie Jacobs, and baritone Clarence Collins joined with Kurtis and Butch to form the Capitols. Their first manager was Richard Barrett, (former lead of the Valentines) before switched managers to Marvin Herman. The Capitols sang songs by the Dells, the Penguins, the Velours, and the 5 Keys. However, most of their material was self-penned. They played a lot of dances. They did a show at the Apollo with Dr. Jive. before Clarence Collins left the Capitols to join the Chesters.  His place in the Capitols was taken by someone named Bruce.     Kurtis met Don Carter (owner of Pet Records) in Goody's Record Shop.  Kurtis had known Carter from his time in the Chips and they soon agreed that the Capitols would record for Pet. Sometime in October or November 1958, the Capitols recorded a couple of songs at the Walter Scott Studios in the CBS Building, both led by Nathaniel "Butch" Epps: "Angel Of Love" (with Kurtis' stuttering bass) and "Cause I Love You." Kurtis then turned to solo work, having releases on Josie and Diamond (as "Kurt Harris").


    Songs :

    Angel Of Love Cause                                       I Love You 



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