• The Neons (2)
    Ricardo Rasheem King

    The Neons (2) (Los Angeles)


    Personnel :

    Ricardo King (Lead)

    Craig  Simmons (Tenor)

    Robert Gordon (Bass)

    Demelvin Woodfox (Baritone)

    Discography :

    The Neons (2)
    1961 - Tuscon / My Lover (Waldon 1001)
    1962 - Magic Moment / Fat Girls (Challenge 9147)

    Ricardo King
    1964 - At The Harlem Center / This Is The Moment (Joker 711)
    1965 - Won't You Come On Home / On A Hot Summer Day In The Big City (Joker 712)

    Biography :

    Ricardo Rasheem King based in Santa Monica, singer, songwriter, performer and actor under the name of Ricardo J. King. Ricardo King began in music industry the early 1960 with the Neons (Los Angeles) group on Waldon et Challenge Records.  In 1961, a group of four black guys from Los Angeles were signed on Waldon Records and they recorded  “Tucson” and “My Lover” with Ricardo King as lead singer. The other members of the group was Craig  Simmons (Tenor),Robert Gordon (Bass) & Demelvin Woodfox (Baritone). Both songs were written by Demelvin Woodfox and Ricardo King. In 1962, the Neons signed for Challenge Records. Dave Burgess wrote "Fat Girls" for the Neons and was the Executive Producer for the Group. Studio producer World Famous Glen Campbell and on Guitar Backup group The Champs.

    The Neons (2)   The Neons (2)
    Glen Campbell                                                                                                                  

    The songs were recorded in Hollywood at Sunset Highland at Challenge Studios on by Gene Autry the movie star and Singing cowboy. Manager and mentor fir Ricardo King was Johnny Woodson at great man and later was a music teacher at Carver Jr. High in Los Angeles California.  he also taught Ricardo how to read music and took him to BMI in Beverly Hills  and got him signed as a Song Writer for Ricardo's first solo writing if Ricardo's first song "Magic Moment" which was Recorded by The group.Ricardo Rasheem King later began a solo career for Joker Records produced by Hal Davis of Motown Records. When Motown moved to Hollywood, Ricardo recorded "At Harlem Center" b/w "This Is The Moment" and "Won't You Come On Home" b/w "On A Hot Summer Day In The Big City" on Joker Records/Jobete Publishing and Jancris/Vault. Ricardo Rasheem King also sings for the public in the streets of Santa Monica.

    Songs :

    The Neons (2)

    Tuscon                                             My Lover

    Magic Moment                                       Fat Girls   

    Ricardo King

    At The Harlem Center                       This Is The Moment

           Won't You Come On Home      On A Hot Summer Day In The Big City


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