The Blue Chips (2) (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka The Impacts (1)

    Personnel :

    Kenny Seymour (Lead & Baritone) 

    Horace Brooks (Tenor)

    Bert Cann (Bass)

    Steve Liebowitz (Tenor & Baritone)

    Sammy Strain (Tenor & Some Lead)

    Discography :

    1961 - Puddles Of Tears / The Contest (RCA 7923)
    1961 - Let It Ride / Adios Adios (RCA 7935)
    1962 - Promise / One Hen (Groove 0006)

    Biography :

    After some personnel changes The Impacts (1) had one release for Carlton Records. The Two new members were both from the Chips "Rubber Biscuit" and Sammy Strain also sang with the Fantastics, later with the Imperials and the O'Jays.


    They Moved back to RCA  & have Two releases and would record for the Groove subsidiary but due to contractual problems they were forced to change their name to The Blue Chips. Bert Can now joined the group replacing Paul Fulton.


    Songs :

    Puddles Of Tears                                 The Contest


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