• The Del Vetts aka The Delvets

    The Del Vetts (Yonkers, NY)
    aka The Delvets


    Personnel :

    Jessie (Lead)

    Florence Holland

    Jackie Scott

    Jeanie Johnson


    Discography :

    The Del Vetts
    1961 - I Want A Boy For Christmas / Repeat After Me (End 1106)

    The Delvets
    1962 - Will You Love Me In Heaven / Repeat After Me (End 1107)


    Biography :

    The Del Vetts or Delvets won at the Apollo talent show in 1961 and had two singles for George Goldner's End Records. There is another group, a Garage band, with the same name that recorded in the Mid 1960s. Our group's first release was under the name The Del Vetts "I Want A Boy For Christmas" b/w "Repeat After Me"  (End 1106, December 1961). In February 1962 they had "Will You Love Me In Heaven" backed with "Repeat After Me" (End 1107). The Del-Vetts were a quartet of Black Girls from Yonkers, NY.....With Jessie on lead and Florence Holland, Jackie Scott, Jeanie Johnson on background harmonies. In 1999, the fantastic doo wop "I Want A Boy For Christmas" has been featured in the Stanley Kubrick's  Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack .


    Songs :

    I Want A Boy For Christmas                     Repeat After Me           

    Will You Love Me In Heaven


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