The early group with Vinny Esposito

    The Montereys (2)  (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka The Monorays


    Personnel :

    John Randazzo (Lead)

    Tony Giordano (First tenor)

    Billy Schalda (Second Tenor)

    Rich Torelli (Baritone)


    Discography :

    Don Dell & The Montereys (2)
    1963 - I want You, I Need You, I Love You / Make Believe Love (Roman 2963)

    The Montereys (2)
    1964 - Face In The Crowd / Step Right Up (Blast 219)

    The Monorays
    1966 - Face In The Crowd / Step Right Up  (Astra 1018)


    Biography :

    The group was originally formed in 1960 from the New Utrech High School with Vinny Esposito, John Randazzo, Tony Giordano & Rich Torelli . Vinny Esposito left the group way before they have chance to record.

    The Montereys (2)

    The Group backed "Don Del Sini "Don Dell", a New York High School Teacher on "Make Believe Love" and  "I want You, I Need You, I Love You" on Roman records. Don Dell had previously recorded two singles with another local group, The Up Starts.

    The Montereys (2)    The Montereys (2)

    Don Del Sini                                                                The Montereys

    In 1964, the Montereys (2) finally recorded their own single with "Face In The Crowd" b/w "Step Right Up" on Blast Records, a subsidiary of Sinclair Records owned by the late Don Ames. In 1966 Astra Records from Pittsburg released the same sides under the name of the Monorays. The group stayed together until 1968 when Billy Schalda, Rich Torelli and Tony Giordano formed another group called ‘Sy Rapp’.

    The Montereys (2) aka The Monorays


    Songs :

    Don Dell & The Montereys (2)

              Make Believe Love                   I Want You,I Need You,I Love You

    The Montereys (2)

    Face In The Crowd                                Step Right Up

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