• The Graduates (2) (Sydney, Australia)



    Personnel :

    Nancy Eichhorn

    Pat McCluskey

    Peter Paige

    Bill Venables

    Discography :

    Singles :

    1958 - Summertime / Sweet Chile (Pacific 127)
    1959 - Little Donkey / What Is Christmas To A Boy (Toppers) (Festival 3117)
    1960 - The Mocking Bird / The Glory Of Love (Rex 003)

    Eps :

    1960 - Campfire Sing-a-long (EP HOLB)
    Home on the Range

    Lps :

    1960 - The Graduates (Rex RA2003)
    The glory of love / Young in years / Love is just around the corner / Tenderly / Somebody loves me / All the things you are / See you in September / The breeze and I / The things we did last summer / Softly, as in a morning sunrise / Beyond the sea / Where or when

    1960 - Campfire Sing-a-long (Rex RA2005)

    Home on the Range / Sweet Genevieve

    Biography :

    The Graduates were an Australian vocal group based in Sydney. Members included Nancy Eichhorn, Pat McCluskey, Peter Paige and Bill Venables. Vocal group (variously a quartet or trio) active 1959-60.

    Peter Paige, Nancy Eichhorn & Pat McCluskey

    Used as a backing group on recordings by many other groups during this period, as well as recording under their own name. The Graduates had a little hit with "Sweet Chile/Summertime" on Pacific Records before finding plenty of work on television.


    The Graduates backed artists who recorded for EMI, Festival and Leedon labels (Roy Melton, Candy Williams, Col Joye, Rhett Walker, Roberta Shore, Noeline Batley, Kerry Bryant, John Laws, Bix Bryant, Dig Richards )

    Movies :

    The Everglades

    Sweet Chile

    Songs :

    Sweet Chile                                            Little Donkey





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