• The Plants (1) (Baltimore, Maryland)

    Personnel :

    George Jackson (Lead)

    Steve McDowell (First Tenor)

    James Lawson (Baritone)

    Thurmon Thrower (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Plants (1)
    1957 - Dear I Swear / It's You (J&S 1602)
    1958 - From Me / My Girl (J&S 1617 / 1618)

    George Jackson  (backed by the Unisons)
    1962 - Watching The Rainbow / Miss Frankenstein (Lescay 3006)

    The Plants (2) (Different group)
    1959 - I Searched The Seven Seas / I Took A Trip Way Over The Sea (J&S 248/249)

    Biography :

    Baltimore doo wop quartet the Plants formed in 1955. According to Marv Goldberg's profile in the December 1976 issue of Yesterday's Memories, the group was founded by lead George Jackson, first tenor Steve McDowell, bass Thurman Thrower, and baritione James Lawson, longtime friends who grew up in the same neighborhood. Originally dubbed the Equadors, in early 1957 they auditioned for J&S Records owner Zell Sanders backstage during a Moonglows concert at Baltimore's Royal Theater. Sanders agreed on the spot to manage the group, changing their name to the Plants in the process. Their debut single, "Dear I Swear," followed on J&S that autumn.

                                                                                                                     The Plants with  Dickie "Piano" Williams

    The record proved a local hit but failed to catch on nationally, despite appearances throughout the East Coast as well as a guest shot on the famed Baltimore TV showcase The Buddy Dean Show.  "From Me" followed in the spring of 1958, and when it too failed to make an impression at radio, the Plants dissolved. In 1959, Zell got another group, called them the Plants and had them record "I Searched The Seven Seas"/"I Took A Trip Way Over The Sea." A year later, Sanders assembled a new Plants lineup (personnel unknown) for "I Searched the Seven Seas." In 1962 George Jackson surfaced as a solo act with the Lescay label single "Watching the Rainbow."
    Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

     Songs :

    The Plants (1)

    My Girl                                 From Me                               It's You 

     Dear I Swear

     George Jackson  (backed by the Unisons)

    Watching The Rainbow           Miss Frankenstein

    The Plants (2) (Different group)

    I Searched The Seven Seas  I Took A Trip Way Over The Sea


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