• The Swingin' Phillies

    The Swingin' Phillies (Philadelphia, Pa)

    Personnel :

    Charles Cosom (Lead)

    Philip Hurtt (First Tenor)

    Richard Hill (Secod Tenor)

    Ronald Headon (Baritone)

    Al Hurtt (Bass)

    Discography :

    1958 - Frankenstein's Party / L-O-V-E (De Luxe 6171)

    Biography :

    The Swingin' Phillies are a Philadelphia based group and the members were: Charles Cosom, Philip Hurtt, Richard Hill, Ronald Headon and Al Hurtt founder of the group. The boys formed their group after discovering each other at their church, wich has music and voice classes. Charles and Phil still attend high school, while the other boys have been graduated. they range in age from seventeen to twenty.

    Songs :

    Frankenstein's Party                               L-O-V-E            


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