• The Four Friends (1961) Bob Schweiktert, Fred George, Charles Beshero and Bill Hoffman

    The Four Friends (1) (New Castle,Pa.)


    Personnel :

    Bill Hoffman (Lead)

    Bob Dolling (Tenor)

    Leslie George (Baritone)

    Fred George (Bass)


    Discography :

    1959 - My Young And Foolish Heart / Save This Fallen Heart (Fee Bee 225)


    Biography :

    New Castle's Four Friends began in high school in 1954 when Bill Hoffman, lead; Fred George, bass; Leslie George, and Bob Dolling began singing together. They have been working together ever since singing for record hops, civil programs, in churches and for charities.

    "Oh Mystery Jaywalker" recorded by Earl Hammond in 1958 with the Four Friends
    (L to R) Allurah Leslie (Composer) B. Dolling, B. Hoffman, Earl Hammond,  L. George, F. George and B.McCreary (guitar)

    The boys received some fame in 1958 when they made "My Young And Foolish Heart" b/w "Save This Fallen Heart" For Fee Bee Record that sold pretty well.  In 1960, Leslie George dropped out of the group. Dolling was married and left the group. Hoffman and Fred George, not to be thwarted in their hopes of fame and fortune, sifted until they found two vocalists to replace Les George and Dolling.

    The Four Friends with Bobby McCreary (guitar)                                                                                                      

    For two now Charles Beshero has been singing baritone and Bob Schweiktert is the quartet tenor. With the new members, they auditioned for Epic in 1961 to record a song written by Bill Hoffman. The label promised one single in March 1961 which never materialized.


    Songs :

    My Young And Foolish Heart                   Save This Fallen Heart     


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