• Charlie & Ray (New York)

    Personnel :

    Charlie Jones

    Ray Willams

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1954 - You're To Blame / I Love You Madly (Herald 438)
    1955 - Take A Look At Me / My Lovin' Baby  (Herald 447)
    1955 - Certainly Baby / Dearest One  (Herald 454)
    1955 - Oh-Gee-Oh-Wee / Guess I'm Thru With Love  (Herald 461)
    1956 - I Gotta Have You / Little Fool (Herald 472)
    1956 - Mad With You Baby / Closest Thing To An Angel (Herald 487)
    1957 - Sweet Thing / I Love You Madly (Herald 503)   
    1958 - Sweet Thing / Dearest One (Herald 515)
    1959 - This is Love / Don't Show your Face Here Anymore (Tel 1005)
    1968 - Alright, Okay, You Win / I'm So Happy I Could Shout (Josie 989)

    Unreleased :
    1954 - I Love You Madly (slow version) (Herald)
    1957 - Oh Yes (Herald)
    1957 - Tag Along  (Herald)


    Biography :

    Charlie & Ray are best known for one thing -- they were unabashedly gay at a time when it wasn't widely publicized what one's sexual orientation was.

       Charlie & Ray

    In 1955, Charlie & Ray's first hit, "I Love You Madly" for Herald Records, caused something of a minor sensation, but it wasn't until they recorded this solid up-tempo clarinet-driven rocker, "Dearest One," that they hit pay dirt again.

    Charlie & Ray   

    Further releases failed to connect with fans and by 1957 they called it quits.

    Songs :
    updated by Hans-Joachim

    I Love You Madly                   Dearest One                      You're To Blame

    Certainly Baby       Take A Look At Me / My Lovin' Baby            Oh Gee-Oo-Wee

    Guess I'm Thru With Love       I Gotta Have You / Little Fool      Mad With You Baby

    Closest Thing To An Angel             Sweet Thing          Oh Yes / Tag Along

              I Love You Madly (unrel. slow vers.)           I'm So Happy I Could Shout / Alright, Okay, You Win



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