• The Gales (2)

    The Gales (2) (Washington, DC)


    Personnel :

    Edward Smith

    James Goldring

    Edward Goldring

    Aaron Grier

    Discography :

    1958 - Guiding Angel / Baby Come Home (Mel-O 111)
    1958 - If I Could Forget / Josephine (Mel-O 113/114)
    1960 - Squeeze Me / I Love You (Winn 916)

    Biography :

    Vocal group from Washington, DC. composed by Edward Smith, James Goldring, Edward Goldring & Aaron Grier. The Gales signed a recording contract with Mel-O records, 1674 Broadway, New York City. There was an awful lot of labels and publishers at 1674 Broadway in the 1950s. All four songs by The Gales were written by the four members of the group. Mel-O Released the two singles the same year (1958) but the success was not there. in August 1960, they released a third record, this time on John Dickerson's Winn label (of Washington, D.C.). Winn who will release the following year the Senators and the Marvells (Same Group) . James Isom who have been part of this two group joined the Gales for about a month before joining the Satisfactions.

    Songs :

     Guiding Angel                                   Baby Come Home

    If I Could Forget / Josephine

    Squeeze Me                                        I Love You    


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