• Buddy Gibson & The Vanguards (3) aka The Jesters (2) Themes Pappas (Manager) & Buddy Gibson with the Vanguards behind. 

    Buddy Gibson & The Vanguards (3) (Ventura, Ca.)
    aka The Jesters (2)


    Personnel :

    Leroy (Buddy) Gibson (Lead Singer & Pianist)

    Don Johnson (Vocal)

    Dave Johnson (Guitar & Vocal)

    Ron  Perry (Pianist & vo­cal)

    Corky Wilke (Sax­ophone & vo­cal)

    Yvonne Gallegos (Vocal)

    Joyce Gallegos (Vocal)


    Discography :

    Buddy Gibson & The Jesters (2)
    1958 - To Be Or Not To Be / Meet The Beat (inst) (Spy 118)

    Buddy Gibson & The Vanguards (3)
    1959 - Just A Game / The Session (Swingin’615)


    Biography :

    Vocal group from Ventura, California, The Jesters aka The Vanguards were composed by Buddy Gibson, singer and Piano player and a group of young people from Ventura Colllege, Oxnard High School, Ven­tura High School and Oxnard Air Force Base. They were Ron Perry : Pianist and vo­calist. In the Air Force. He is 19 and come from Washington.D.C., Don Johnson, Vocalist, The oldest member of the group at 22. Also in the Air Force, from Columbus., Dave Johnson, Plays the elec­tric guitar and sings. He is a 17 year old senior at Ventura High, Corky Wilke, 16, Plays sax­ophone and sings. He is a Junior at Ventura High, Drummer Mike Flaherty, a former VC student,  a psy­chiatric technician trainee at Camarillo State Hospital.

    Buddy Gibson & The Vanguards (3) aka The Jesters (2)    Buddy Gibson & The Vanguards (3) aka The Jesters (2)
    When he was five Buddy made appearances with his sister Betty as a dancing team before numerous lodges and service clubs.

    Two Oxnard girls, Yvonne, 19, and Joyce, 17, Gallegos joined the band on their second single as a vocal duet. Yvonne attends VC. Joyce is a senior at Oxnard High. In 1959, Buddy with the Vanguards (aka the Jesters) made two records (Four songs) records of tunes written by Gibson, One "To Be Or Not To Be" made the Top 20. His other recording songs are "Just A Game", "The Session" and "Meet The Beat" an instrumental with the band in which Buddy plays the piano.


    Songs :

    Buddy Gibson & The Jesters (2)

    To Be Or Not To Be

    Buddy Gibson & The Vanguards (3)

    Just A Game


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